I thought I'd share my favourite brand of baby products!

Skin care:


Mustela appears to be pretty expensive compared to the other brands on the shelf but honestly, if you break down the cost, there really isn't much difference.  One tube of Mustela's Vitamin Barrier Cream cost about SGD12 on average if I am not wrong.  It last about half a year (while applying very generously) with in between usage of Desitin Diaper Care (Very rarely). 

In the early days of coping with a newborn, we had some diaper rash issues with AJ, some really serious ones.  We kept applying the above and it didn't help at all because.. you must all take note that this is a "Diaper Rash Prevention Cream".  After her rash healed, this worked like magic in preventing her rash from coming back. 

1) For AJ's face, she is well taken care by Mustela's Facial Cream. Well, initially, we didn't get a special moisturizer for her face because we didn't see the need to but when she was about 6-8 weeks old, she developed some pretty serious face rash, I was so affected by it because I was worried it will scar her for life.

Until I found out about the above mentioned.  It saved our lives.  We applied that on her face for about a week and it miraclously became so much better.  Her face was smooth like eggs after 2 weeks!  The best part?  It only cost about SGD15! 

I don't really have a zoom up picture of her skin condition but if you look at her cheeks closely enough, her skin was really dry and they were like little acnes all joined together growing bigger day by day. 

2) For our Phuket trip, we decided to get the Mustela Double Protection Special Intolerances SPF UVB 50+ Sunblock, this cost us about 32SGD, I was cringing when I bought it but I guess it really worked to keep baby's skin protected from the Sun, look how fair she still is after 5 days of Sun!

Her Elephant Jumper a gift from Aunt Shareen!
Mustela Body Lotion and Shower Gel.  I never really bothered to try other brands of lotion except Baby Johnsons.  In my opinon, Mustela smells good and it doesn't have the sticky oily aftermath feeling which I appreciate the most.  I am such a loyal customer of Mustela!
During my pregnancy days, I really wanted to try the Mustela range for mothers but THAT was really a tad too expensive for me to try.  We splurge on baby but stinge on ourselves.  Haha! Maybe.. just maybe if I have another baby I'll try. ;)


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