There is a story behind each and every name.

Avril happens to stand for April in French.  When Papa J and I were deciding a name for Avril, we knew it had to start with the Alphabet "A" because we agreed that our daughters will take after me and our sons would be a "J" just like Papa.  In the end, I kinda decided that our children would represent both of us and at the last minute, I added Janelle into her birth certificate.

I REALLY wanted my daughter's name to be Anastasia because I love how old and English it sounds and it reminds me of the cartoon I used to watch when I was a child. NOT BECAUSE OF "50 SHADES OF GREY".

Also, my EDDU was on the 25th March so there was NO way she was going to be an April baby.  In the end, I accepted the suggestion because Papa J reminded me that she was going to be named after Avril Lavigne and I worshiped her when I was younger, so okay.  Not a bad idea for my daughter to be named after a rock star and Avril's a pretty unique name in Singapore.  Never came across another baby girl named Avril so far.

When I was cracking my brain for Avril's birthday cake design, I was put before choices of a "Minnie Mouse" or a "Winnie the Pooh" and I'm like.. that's really lame.  It's her FIRST birthday party ever!!  My initial thought was to have a cake with her face on it but I did that for Papa J's 21st Birthday Party already so I didn't want to repeat the idea.

In the end, the idea of a Rock Star cake hit me while I was doing something really mundane, like brushing my teeth or something and the more I thought about it.. the more excited I got. Haha. I get excited very easily.  I started researching for baby friendly customised cake - like less sugar etc.  It's quite sad because I didn't manage to find any decent ones in Singapore. There is this particular website that does it but the pictures of their cakes were not very appealing.

I gave up on the "healthier choice" cake and decided that since it was going to be her birthday, she could have whatever we were having.  I purchased her customised rock star cake from
1Caramel and it cost close to $400 dollars for a two tier 3kg fondant cake. Avril's cake is kindly sponsored by her Nine Nine - My MIL as a birthday gift.

Avril's very first birthday cake!
I love how the cake turned out!  The thing about customizing cakes (at such a short notice) is that you really have to count on your imagination and maybe a few pictures as reference.  I wasn't too worried because 1Caramel is really famous for their lovely customized cakes.  Her cake not only looked great, it tasted bloody awesome too! It was like an overdose of chocolate, so sinful but enjoyable at the same time. ;)
We agreed upon before the party that we would give her a 15 minutes time out during the party so she could settle down for awhile and at the same time we could change her into her second outfit of the day.  My second sister, Audrey bought her a Korean Hanbok during her holiday not too long ago and I thought I could put it to good use (it is very elaborated and I wouldn't have any occasion to dress her up in that for a long time - it was like now or never) on her birthday. 
Ooooh! She looks so cute! Big thanks to Audrey who flew it all the way back for us!

Great opportunity to take a picture with my 3 dearest sisters. Do we look alike? :)

Avril with her Gong Gong and Nine Nine.

Family portrait with the little princess and her kick ass cake.
Half way through we decided to take off her coat because.. I'm sure you all living in Singapore can understand my actions perfectly.  IT WAS SO WARM!!!
A picture with my buddies - pity Sarah couldn't come along because she was stuck in London.  Can we photoshop you in? Haha!
One more picture of it still intact!
I'm really glad how Avril's birthday party turned out and am grateful that most of our guests turned up despite the heavy rain.  One last part on cake cutting soon! Intended for it to be together with this post but I'm tired and lazy already. Haha! Great day ahead! ;)


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