Cake cutting.. and a few of my favourite pictures :)

As promised, here are some of my favourite pictures from the last run of the party. 

Such happy faces :)
One of my favourite family protrait!

Uncle Oli giving Avril a birthday kiss! How Sweeeet!

Blowing the candle (almost added the S - only 1 candle baby!)
Avril with her Mother and Grandmother!

Finally cutting our precious cake!

Proud Papa! :)
Glad that our photographer managed to sneak in some daily life pictures - haggard mama don't have much pictures of me on the job! How am I gonna blackmail her in future?!! HAHAHA!!

It was a great day.

Don't ask me what they were feeding her. I have no idea! Haha! Everybody likes to feed babies I realised! ESPECIALLY MY SISTER (AUDREY LOH), everytime she sees AJ, she likes to stuff Avril with food.

I can't believe it was just a month ago and she wasn't even capable of walking on her own, yet!
A perfect moment captured.  She was getting cranky so I took her out in the rain and we were singing to "Rain rain go away".

Can't help but notice that Avril looks a whole lot happier in her normal home clothes HAHA.

Last family picture ;)
Overall, I'm very pleased with how the pictures turned out, I chose Allen btw if you were wondering. If you head to their website and look at their price list you'd understand!
Glad that everything turned out well, guess we're next looking forward to... xxxx
More pictures on what we've been up to soon, I've been under the weather lately so pardon me for the lack of updates! xx


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