Let's take a bath!

Decided to take some pictures of AJ bathing so she can look back and laugh at herself.  (Bath session by Papa J.)


I've been showering her twice a day since our weather in Singapore is atrocious so if we do the math, I've bathed her for a good 100 times at least and out of these 100 times, she has never once cried (okay, she did. Once, but that was because she was really hungry but I decided to just quickly wash her up first)

Our bathing time - really enjoyable for me, great bonding sessions. :)

Btw, she's growing out of her bathtub, so what's next? 


  1. your baby girl is gorgeous! she doesnt look like she is enjoying the bath though lol

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  2. Thanks! She loves taking her baths but hates being wiped down on her face. Haha!


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