Mother's Day Part II

We went for Dim Sum at Swa Tow Seafood Resturant (Toa Payoh) to celebrate Mother's Day.  Not much pictures taken because I don't know why we're always rushing......

My 姑姑 Mummy

Well, this lady above is the woman who single handily brought up me and my 3 other sisters.  Even though she might not have given birth to us, I see her very much as my own mother because she's always there, from the day I was born to who I am today.. I don't think she ever stopped loving us.  Being a new mother myself, I have long forgotten the pains of my pregnancy and the process of "giving birth" because it is the caring and sleepless nights that really takes a toll on one in the long run. 

Pregnancy and delivering seemed like the easiest part. 

When I was a teenager, I forgot what family love was truly about.  Ever since my real mom decided to shift out and live apart from my aunt and grandfather, I was always lazy to visit and never cared to call.  I indulged in partying and did everything that would break a Mother's heart. 

One day.  My real mother pulled the plug.  We had the largest argument ever and I did what every rebellious teenager would do, move out. 

The first place I thought about was Ah Gong's place because they were the only family I knew I had left after my dad passed away.  Even though I haven't visited them in ages.. it was like they never left me at all.  They were a portrait of familiarity.  I stayed one night and the next morning, I carried my luggage and shifted out to a friend's place and that morning was probably one of the most emotional and heart breaking moment. 

I saw Mom Suzie's aged face close to tears and looking so worried.  She told me if I had nowhere to go, I could always just live with them.  But I was young and needed my freedom.  She had messed up hair (it was 7 in the morning), toothless and wrinkled.  How long has it been since I took such a close look up her face?  I always remembered her as loud, young and in her early 40s. 

How could I have forgotten her?  How could I have blocked them out so many years?  

Today, I am thankful for my job in 3M because of the convenience, I started visiting them more often and it brought me back home, where I belong.  And even if she chased me out with a broom.. I will hold on to the gate tightly.. and never let go. 

I love you Ma, thanks for always loving me for who I am and teaching the right ways of life.  How to be a better person, to have a greater heart and to love and sacrifice with no complains.  
Happy Mother's Day, you are the best Mom ever. 



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