8 Weeks

Yes! Baby Avril is 8 weeks old today!

I tried pushing her to the side to make a look a tad more feminine but I failed! Her hair has a mind of it's own and insist on a Mohawk.  She looks too much like her Papa.  :) 

She has been extremely gleeful for the past 2 weeks, always giggling and grinning when she wakes up, actually almost all the time she's awake (I have to give it a little push by acting silly and speaking in the baby talk annoying high pitch voice - she loves it!)  I must say it's always amusing to see her coo and try to reply my questions, sometimes I wonder if she really understood me.  

Right now, she's in deep slumber and accompanied by the sound of the DJ(s) on the radio.  Maybe she'll be a DJ in future?  Haha, it's another 20 years later but never too late to think about ;)  

Anyway. here are a couple more delightful baby face to brighten up your mid-week! 

In my lousy attempt to take a passport photo (not for real lah with a background like that) : 

Little imp refused to stay still for me.  

Taken from about 2 weeks ago.  She looks like a Baby Mafia. 

Good luck to us. 



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