Breast Feeding 101

While Avril was still happily swimming in my womb, I told Papa J that I was afraid of breast-feeding because I don't know where I heard or read it from, it hurts!  And there really are issues of not having enough milk supply.  I think that's true, and untrue to a certain extent.

Everybody has different nipples.  What is painful to me might not be painful to you, like pregnancy and raising a child, it is not the same for everybody and there is absolutely no textbook answers to them.  What I'd like to share today is in hopes of helping young/first time mothers like myself to at least try breast-feeding before shrugging it off. 

My Breast-Feeding Journey:

The first five days of breast feeding was like a trip to hell.  Now, that's true.  Very very true. The pain from your wound (If you are like me and had a C-section you would understand), it was impossible to move around fast, I wasn't allowed to shower (I actually read from one of the parenting magazines .. it is PERFECTLY fine to shower during your confinement, in fact, if you hire a confinement lady, they would put up warm water for you to shower every morning!  But that's besides the point.), I barely slept because every time I heard Avril's tiny whines I would wake up immediately to see what she needed.  I was like a walking zombie.  All of the above factors are just additional factors to discourage breast-feeding. 

I wasn't prepared for breast engorgement at all. 

Then it happened.  My breast became two rocks.  My milk ducts refused to open and Avril had trouble getting the milk she needed (thankfully for formula but it was too, one of the reasons I nearly gave up breast-feeding.  They should be re-named : The easy way out).  I was in pain and frustration and I was depressed and nearly hitting the walls when a sudden light shone upon me.

Aunt Amy.  She came bursting in to the room and started asking me about my milk supply and when she found out that I was all choked up, she was like an army ready to fight a battle.  She encouraged me to go on even if it hurts like a crazy ass bitch because it had all the nutrients a baby required.  She immediately got a small pail of hot water and a small towel and started her magic.  She was pushing and rubbing my breast and I kid you not, it was the most painful exercise I've ever been put through in my whole 23 years of life.  I figured even if I broke my leg it wouldn't hurt so much (I would have pain killer for that)

I felt like I was bruised and tattered, beaten up like a thug who stole money in the market.  It did opened up some ducts but it just wasn't enough!  After an entire afternoon, I decided that I had to rest so I told them I would continue massaging on my own but in my head I was going "Nobody is going to touch my breast anymore"

I cried myself to sleep in pain, I was feeling so helpless and on my way giving up but Papa J decided to take just one more chance.  He called his Aunt Helina and she gave us one sentence of golden advice "Just put hot towels on her breast"

I had to be persuaded to try it out and I only agreed because it sounded like it wouldn't hurt. (That was not true because we used boiling water hahaha but Papa J was suffering together with me because he was running up and down changing towels and water - I love my Papa J! He is the best husband ever.)

And voila! Miraculously, the breast ducts really did opened up on their own and soon, I had milk dripping all over the floor.  It was the best sight ever and truly, I felt like this war was over. 

 Of course there's the battling with having enough milk supply.. but I guess that makes for another story.  Right now, I need to ensure that Hazel is not drenched in rain, she's coming over to visit!




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