Avril turned 2 months old yesterday and to celebrate, Papa J and I brought her to Baby Spa for a quick swim.  She was so happy and honestly.. I have to say this, she is a GREAT swimmer and I'm not just saying this just because she's my daughter.

Peektures! :

 Before heading out
 She is starting to put her hands in to her mouth to suck and suck and suck (Lots of saliva involved)
 Lady at the Spa helping her to exercise first (Very good with children and very good sales woman) Haha!
 Baby getting ready!  Don't worry it's not cold because the room has no air-condition!
 Finally in the water!
 Family photo :)
 She is really good!  My sweet pea so clever!
 Kicking the tub so she can turn
 Took off her diapers so she can swim faster

She enjoyed it so much, she cried when we took her out of the water and was still kicking her hands and legs on the changing table.  After we got home, she knocked out from 4pm to 10.30pm, woke up for milk and when I left her alone on the bed (I was so shag), she kept giggling, smiling and coo-ing to herself.  It was as though she was still dreaming of the pool! 

Best outing for Baby AJ so far I assume :) 

The lady suggested I enter her for a swimming competition with the other babies and I think I just will!  The prize is a 180 dollars worth play mat, maybe Baby AJ can help Mama save some money? :) 

OH AND I JUST HAVE TO RAVE ABOUT THIS.  We put her on the weighing scale.. she is 5.3KG already!  Has she really grown so much in 2 months??!! It was a fantastic day with all that goodness for us! 

I love you baby AJ! 

Happy 2 months old Sweetheart! 



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