When we attended lessons at , they threw us some questions to discuss as homework.  Until now, Papa J and I never really spoke about it (except in the car after class brieftly) but as days goes by and watching AJ absorb so much in 10 weeks, I know it is about time we set our mind to it.

What are 5 virtues you would like your child to understand, learn and act on in future?

So I've been thinking..

How about :

1) Patience

 I have Zero patience before I was a Mother and now, I am slowly understanding that with Patience, comes greater success.  Whenever I am tired and impatient and "Just want AJ to finish her milk quick so I can rest", it almost never works and it just makes things worst.  Today, with the right amount of patience, I managed to make her finish 4oz of milk!  Even though it took a little longer, I guess what matters is she has food down her gut and she did seem a whole lot more relaxed!

2) Honesty

I have absolutely no line and limit for liars.  I'd rather be honest and face the music, good or bad right at that moment then lie.  Lying brings us nowhere.  It almost always backfires.

 3) Kindness

I am a big believer in Karma, what goes around comes around!  Don't do what you don't want happening to you! 

4) Faithfulness

In our close to 4 years of relationship, I don't think we really had any issues of cheating upon each other. (Not that I know of lah hor Papa?), I always have nightmares of Papa J cheating on me when I was pregnant because of my insercurities with my bigger body but actually deep down I know for sure, for real he never would.

Of course like I always tell my friends, with a man, you can never be a 100 percent too sure.  As we grow older and as life introduces more and more each day, tempations are what you need more then love to walk away from. 

To have a faithful husband, is everything a woman can ask for in a marriage.  Likewise for a woman okay? Haha!

5) Loyalty

Women are born to bitch behind their friends backs but a true friend never abandons, always protects and tells the truth.

But mind you.. the truth is always ugly. 

So.. my Plan A is to ensure that I remember these 5 virtues and live by them! 

I am hoping that she is like any typical daughter who wants to be just like their mummy. :)

I am banging on that really.



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