Power of Your Love

I've been having a whole lot of feeding problem after introducing a pacifier to baby Avril.  Previously, she struggles a little during feeds.  She is on a 50-50 Breast Milk/Formula Milk diet and she already is confused enough with:

1) Suckling on my breast
2) The faster release of Breast Milk coming through a bottle (Because it's more watery)
3) Formula Milk

And after introducing a pacifier, she's so confused each time I try to insert something in to her mouth and it's taking a toll on me trying to coax her into drinking milk, or finishing it for that matter.

She always struggles and stretches her legs while still sucking on the teat.  So I take it as she still WANTS to drink but something is just wrong somewhere.  In the end, the only way she would drink her milk is to walk around while she drinks.  I know she might somehow or rather get used to feeding that way but I really want her to get enough to drink. 

I don't know how to tell if she's really hungry or if she just wants to suck anymore.  :(

What am I to do? 

This morning, she refused to drink at all from the bottle and I had no choice but to coax her by the pond, bribing her with tales of the fishes and colours of the sky.  Is this right?

I have a jolly good mind to throw away all the pacifiers we have. (They are all FOC)

On a lighter note, I took baby AJ along with me for brunch with the girls on Saturday.

So here goes! :

Vicks with AJ

Am I always just going to have this when I am at Canopy? Haha, I am so boring!!

The late queen and Baby AJ

Sarah and Baby AJ

Time flies.

Grateful for friends who sticks by me even though we don't meet each other often (4 times a year max haha), talk on the phone or text for that matter but each time we do, it's always fun filled and full of joy and laughter. 

Sometimes, I feel like they're more then just friends :)


Feeling very off the radar fighting with fatigue and a throbbing headache that wouldn't go away.  Sigh.  My dad's favourite song to the rescue.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


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