Love in a million ways.

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with my B1 at NEX and I brought Avril along with me because she hasn't had a chance to see her yet.  Papa J insisted on dressing her up so here we go;

All dressed up by Papa J.

So after my lunch date, Papa J and I continued on to Mom Suzie's place to drop Avril off while we went to catch The Avengers!

Hooray! First movie in 2 months, we enjoyed it thoroughly and went on and on non-stop about the movie like kids.  It was very lovely to finally be able to spend some "alone" time after so long.  Again.. being the paranoid mother, I called to check on her right before we headed into the theatres and rushed back to pick her immediately after the movie.  There was absolutely no need to fret, baby was nicely fed, slept and happy like a lark.

BTW, The Avengers was OMG.  Best movie of the year in my heart, but probably the ONLY movie I'd be watching this year.  HAHAHAHA.  I really am just joking.  Parenthood is not that bad.


As my family would know, I have been suffering from some really bad neck and shoulder ache so desperate time calls for desperate measures.  My MIL told me to visit this.. Well, he's not a doctor, just a really experienced old man who sucks blood out of wherever that hurts and apparently it helps relieves your pain.

It wasn't THAT bad, I was going on and on asking if it would hurt and they just kept telling me "Aiya, Don't scared ok? (In mandarin)" 

Not very reassuring but honestly, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would - I can't see exactly what he does but I THINK he uses a needle to first poke it into the affected area and there after attaches the suction light bulb looking bottle.  At this point of time, I can't feel relief, only the bruising pain from the suction.  I will update you guys on this again.  If it is good and cures whatever neck ache, leg ache, stomach ache, why not?

Psychologically, I wonder if that amount of blood lost would make me anemic but I realised how bimbotic this makes me sound so I told myself to shut up. 

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great start to your week! :)



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