Surprise story

My daughter, Avril came as a surprise for my husband and I. Her being our first child, we were
Absolutely clueless about looking after a child. Throughout my pregnancy, I read up on how to care my newborn, we took up Pre-natal classes just so we could be armed with the right set of skills to care for her, to provide her with the best we could.

Little did we know.. Our bundle of joy had plentiful more surprises in store for us. During the first two weeks of her life, life was like battling in a mine field, you never know a bomb would set off and explode. Almost every time we remove her diaper (in the wee hours especially) she would take that opportunity to shower us with her "bombs"!

Daddy got hit twice on his face with a wet stools squirt trap and had to e shouting for help in the middle of the night and as for me.. I got drenched in a glorious yellow (stools) shower on our way for a bath. Most of the time we end up laughing at each other because it was just so funny to be covered in shit and have a baby smiling widely right back at you. She knew exactly what she doing I'm sure!

Thus.. We make sure that she has truly finish doing her business before we unwrap our present these days. Diaper changing is a happy stinking affair!


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