Budding flower.

My sister has been bugging me to tie Avril's hair, and so I did today. She looks like a girl, finally! With her tied up hair, pretty dress, new crocs and a cheeky little smile.. So this is what it truly feels like to have a daughter. 

We bought a new lightweight stroller so it'd be easier for me when I take her out on my own. Our City Mini's great and I love it because she can sleep so well in it and you can rough it out with it, also I can shop like hell and not worry about the stroller not being able to handle the heavy weight. But I have to admit, I'd love the convince of a lightweight push chair for short distance trip. Also, since we have another bub coming along, it is likely to be a good investment. 

It is a black MacLaren, weighs approximately 4.6kg, which is a whole 3kg lighter then our current stroller. It is at a sale price of 159SGD. We love that it looks cool and really basically because it's light and easy to pack and unfold. It also comes along with a complimentary weather cover. Excited to bring it out for walks! 

We finally visited Wimbly Lu and it is apparent that Avril loves their food. She had baked rice, waffles and chocolate cake, I thought she was going to burst. I was really glad they had a playground with sand just round the corner too! Been dying to take her to a playground with sand. It was thumbs up too! 

And now.. We're on our way out for date, or so it seems. 

It's a great day! I love long holidays! 


  1. hi where did u get this lightweight stroller ?? because $159 is quite cheap :)

    1. Hi! I got it from Baby Hypermart at the Shun Li Industrial Park, it is apparently on a sale price because of the baby fair at Takashimaya, so you could probably get the same deal over this weekend, best if you give them a ring to double confirm! ;)


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