Stay-cation Day I

The long weekend has left me feeling like a slug.  I can't seem to lift my mood up, on the contrary, I am moody and I am increasingly annoyed by the tiniest things. Must be withdrawal from the lack of play dates and then separation anxiety with Papa J after he returned to work.  Oh, please stop raining! 

To cheer up my gloomy night, I am going to attempt to make it slightly better. 

Last month, it was Papa J's and my 5th Anniversary.  I don't know which makes more sense to celebrate, our courtship anniversary or marriage anniversary?  Since we're married, it's natural that our wedding anniversary should take priority but I can't seem to have our "16th July" replaced in my heart, it has after all stuck with us from day one. 

We decided to take a break from our mundane life and since I am pregnant and we already went on "baby moon" in Gold Coast, we thought it'd be a wiser choice to stay in Singapore.  On a side note, I did win us a holiday from BintanSpaVilla so we'll be going on another holiday next month! (More on that the next time round)

There was a really good deal for the Equarius Hotel RWS going on but I totally sat my ass on it and missed it, I beat myself up over it and mourn over it's loss for a few days, still feeling sore but thank God, we got lucky.. and got a free upgrade at the One15Marina located at Sentosa Cove.  

We left home bright and early, headed to the hotel to ask if it was possible for an early check-in, we were too early but we did get the room at 1pm, an hour earlier then the supposed check-in time at the end - just in time for Avril's nap time! We headed to the Port Of Lost Wonder located at the Palawan Beach. We paid 15 dollars for Avril's entry and it was FOC for accompanying adults. 

Ever since our Phuket trip, Avril has never stepped foot on a beach, we just never got to doing it and even in Gold Coast, we didn't have the time (and it was too cold) for an outing at the beach - I was telling Papa J we should be ashamed of ourselves, haha! She took a short walk while we were waiting for the Sentosa Tram and she loved it! Ever since then I have been sourcing for sand playgrounds for her to plop herself in silly. 

When we arrived, I was amazed at how big this attraction was.  You know that exciting, butterflies in your tummy feeling you get when you touch down in the airport of another country?  I got it right here! It was bustling with the laughter and energy of children running around! We would have so much here when our children are even bigger! 

Avril has recently developed a fear for water, splash parks.  She used to be so wild and crazy but I think she's entering a fearful phase because she's a whole lot more aware of what's going on now.  To counter such fears, it is necessary to give her time to watch and understand that this is going to be fun and we've also come to realize that the more you try to force her into doing something, the more it'd backfire. 

The weather was perfect for water play! She has this new obsession - sitting down on steps.  There was music playing on the stereo and so half the time, she was sitting on these steps bobbing to music. 

23rd Week of my second pregnancy.  

There were hourly adventures you could take your children on and this was the only "adventure" suited for Avril, in fact, we were worried she was a tad too young for the bubble party but we decided to give it a shot anyway.  The kids goes in to the tub on their own with life guards standing around to save them if they fall (I assume the floor was pretty slippery with the amount of bubbles) but Avril fell a few times and after they washed it off her, she was as good as new! 

She loved it but it did get a little too much after awhile so we took her off and got her little bum running on grounds. 

A few more pictures from the iPhone: 

It was a great morning! 

We changed, had lunch nearby and headed back to the hotel. 

We booked the smallest room they had and we were escorted to our room when the cleaners announced that a glass broke so they had to have our room changed.  The staff at One15Marina promptly went to get a change of keys and guess what! They were out of their superior rooms so we got a free upgrade! We had an additional balcony in our room and the view was superb. 

Papa J and I both agreed that we would choose a place with a balcony the next time round.  It's so nice to just sit with a beer and watch the world go by. 

I utilized the bathtub like mad soaking up my sore bones after a full day of activities! I love bathtubs, Papa J apparently thinks it's a waste of money to built one because once the novelty wears off, you won't use it anymore. Ok lor....... 

After the princess woke up, she started playing with her float. It's funny how she likes to play with it out of water and refuse to stay in it IN the water. Sigh, toddlers. 

She loves balconies! Even in Gold Coast, she was obsessed with the tiny balcony they had, I love it too, I could live with such view everyday of my life. People walking dogs, the sound of birds chirping, children laughing.. it made me happy. 

After Avril woke up, we lazed a little in the room and decided to explore RWS a little since we haven't really been here before (apart from visiting USS and then going home), it was quite boring.  There wasn't much to see, just food, lots of food.  Weather got a tad too humid but we were fed so well by the food served in the food court just outside of USS. Wow! Yummy! 

More pictures from the iPhone: 

My perfect pair having a ball of a time! :) 

I really did think I could summarize our whole two days into one single post, guess I was wrong.  Thank God I started writing about our good day, that dreadful negativity has been largely lifted! ;) 


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