"I promise to be here when you need me.  
 I promise to be still here when I'm mad at you. 
 I promise to always love you, protect you and care for you.
 Until death do us apart." 

I promise to watch you over your nightmares, 
I promise to watch your every ballet performance. 
I promise that you will be my priority over work, money and every thing adult.  

Your Papa's love for you will be the benchmark of your future husband's. 
Your Papa will protect you and keep you safe from harm. 
Your Papa keeps you in his prayers and thinks of you so very often. 

I hope that in future, when you come across a tough patch in life and I am no longer here for you, you could still look back and remember the warmth you get in my arms, the sound of my steady heartbeat and know that everything be will okay, eventually. 

Know that behind every No lies a reason to protect you from danger or potential hurt. 
Know that We will not dismiss your lofty dreams and aspiration just because We can or because we are your "parents". While I promise to take time to listen, I hope you learn to listen too. 

Know that I have no expectations for you to be rich and successful but to be happy and contented with all that God has given you. Wealth comes from within, not how much money you have in your bank. 

Understand that to be the highest in the sky, there must be sacrifice, hardwork and life's not going to be always fair and easy. One thing you know you'll always have, Papa and Mama and maybe Didi can lend you his strong shoulders in time to come. 

Don't fear.
Follow your heart.
Dream big. 
Be free.
Be happy. 

Happy 17th months old, not so much a baby anymore but you'll always be a baby in ma ma's heart. Even when you're 30 and complaining about your own children. ;) 


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