No money can buy

Today, whilst I was on the way to the hospital to visit, Avril was carefully naming out her body parts while pointing at them (to fish praise, haha!), a lady beside us was watching and laughing and she said "Wow! Yes! Mouth, your mummy taught you well!"

I've never been praised (in that way, particularly by a random stranger) for what Avril could say or do. It has always gone in the "Wah! You so clever! Your mouth so sharp that's why you can speak so well, must be god's gift you know how to talk" kinda direction. I am so used to it and so I'd just tell them yes, she has a way with words! 

Today, I feel so touched that someone in the world actually recognises my effort. (Even Papa J goes "So clever!" when she can say a new word, haha!) I read to her everyday without fail since birth and because she has been speaking so much lately, I've been even more excited to push her up a notch. 

Just through the past few days, she managed "Car Park, Hot Dog, Air Plane" and she understands! That's the ultra brilliant part! When I say Spoon and.. she says fork. Broom is followed up by mop and the moon belongs with the stars. She also started filling up the blanks when I sing nursery rhymes and is dancing more then usual. Too cute to watch! 

Before bed time earlier, she said her name. Avril! I nearly died and went to heaven. 

She also understands simple instructions so it has been increasingly easy to care for her. I love her at this age! She is so fun and full of surprises all the time! :) 

Oh time.. Please slow down! 


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