Mother's Day Part 1

Today, we had a nice Pre Mother's Day lunch at Peach Garden located in Thomson Plaza.  Food was excellent!  Don't worry, we have round 2 on Joel's tab.  HAHAHA.

Picture feast:

 Papa J with AJ
 Me and my pouty lips princess
 MIL and Wai Po
 MIL and Avril with the lovely flowers G bought.
 Avril is a ball of glee!
 Uncle Joel
 The love(s) of my life.
Aunt G. 

(Don't Avril look very sexy in her mini dress? Heeheehee) 

Lunch was superb, dim sum was yummy!  

This year, Mother's day means a little more to me then usual, I'm a proud mother of one .. celebrating my first Mother's day!  Too bad I'll have to wait a couple more years for presents, I can barely wait to receive my first Mother's Day card hand drew by my baby girl.  I will teach her.. personally. HAHAHAHA. 

Anyways, the mushy stuff only comes once a year:

We love you Mom!  Thanks for always catching our backs when we fall and supporting us unconditionally in everything we do.  Even though we are quite stubborn, lazy, always late and childish (sometimes - especially when we are all in the same car and yelling and laughing about retarded stuff).. We kinda know you'll always be there to save us when we need help.  Guess that's the nobility of a Mother. :) 

Happy Mother's Day!  



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