Happy Birthday G!

Today has been a jolly good day.  AJ's feeding session were all done with absolutely NO fuss, I am so proud of her!  She is now sleeping like an angel. :)

Very thankful for all the good things happening to us lately.  Got our HDB grant finally and it was a lot more then we expected!  Sold Papa J's extra bought Basketball Shoes because of some stupid online error.  Solved AJ's mystery problem.  Papa J ORD lo! 

Only thing I wish God would help me with is my sore shoulder and back.  Please give me good health!

Anyway, today's fashion wear:

Present from Aunt Vicki! 

So cute right!  But what a lie, the jumper says 3-6 months, AJ is not even 3 months and it's already a snug fit for her, I give it another month and she won't be able to fit in anymore :(

Today is AJ's Aunt Jeannette's birthday so I decided to take a video of her blabbering so here goes..

So Happy Birthday G! 

Have a good one!  :) Here's wishing you good health and a lifetime of happiness.  We had a lot of fun.. Hahahaha!

PS: "I am Sleepy" Jumper bought by Grand Aunt Annie! Hahaha. 

Ok, time for dinner!  Adios guys.



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