Mother & Baby

As I'm trying to get myself and Avril short listed for the Magazine Mother & Baby's Makeover article (they need more pictures of us), I'm going to share some pictures I'd be sending in!

 Photo Credit: Hazel

They needed pictures of Avril with her eyes open and smiling so .. this is the best I can do!  She refuses to smile at the camera so all the smiley happy pictures are all quickly captured with my iPhone, nice smiles lousy quality.  Sigh. Also, they needed a picture of me.  But I thought it'd be super weird to send in a picture of myself so I decided that our family picture would be good enough.  I am super sad because we have so little pictures taken as a family or like nice pictures of us individually with Avril.  BRING OUT THE CAMERA ME!!!!

I do hope this is good enough to get us a make over by Mother & Baby! :)

Btw.. I do have some (thick skinned I super love) pictures taken over the couple of days too! For your eyes only :

 8 weeks post pregnancy, another 5kg to lose! I CAN DO IT.
 "Why is my mother so annoying?"
 Friday morning before baby woke up.
 My Vista Print album arrived! I am so happy, it is perfect :)
 Love taking pictures of her feet, they look so cuteeeeeee!!!
One of the evenings after her bath! 

Ok. Tata! Long day ahead tomorrow, promise lots of pictures! 



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