Growing up too fast

Have you ever felt a wave of panic rush through your veins and all sort of anxiety building up inside? I get that sometimes. When I look at Jonah hit a milestone or Avril acting too adult for my liking. 

Avril at 4 months old (Left), Jonah at 4 months old (Right). Very significant difference. 

Jonah is close to five months old. WHAT? I thought I just gave birth not long ago? He's not rolling yet, I remember Avril hitting this milestone already by 4 months old but I attribute the fact that he is not rolling just yet to his very alluring figure. He is 8.5kg today at 4 and a half months. No wonder my back aches!! Avril is only 12kg today! 

Jonah is an extremely cheerful baby, he likes to play and when he thinks that he is being ignored, he lets you know by screaming his lungs out. Very strong lungs in my opinion. His favourite pastime is buffing on people (Oh, my sister Annabelle would know hahaha) and pulling ladies long hair. He winks a lot and he likes the song "The wheels on the bus". 

When I think about how he could be my last baby (Singapore's a very expensive place to have babies. We rather have the best for our two children then to give three children lesser, if that makes any sense?), I would give him a big squeeze and a million kisses all over his face. Oh.. This "Hey mom, you're acting crazy but I think you're so interesting regardless" (and chuckles non-stop! Best sound in the world!) stage will never come back.

I look forward to him sitting, crawling, walking, running but at the same time I wish time could pause at this moment while I kiss him non-stop, soak in his milk breath and feel his little fingers grab mine. 

So much love to give, so much I can teach, so much we can do.

Avril has been quite the chatterbox, she just turned two and aside from some screaming episodes, she has been pretty corporative. She has some excellent memory and when she told me the other day "Mannequin" when she saw one. I gapped, turned to her and gave her one big kiss.

Times like that, I know my staying home and looking after her myself.. It's all worth it. 

I cannot lie and say that I have no expectations of my daughter/and son. I'm sure every parent has a certain form of expectation after all that effort raising up our kids.

I have high hopes for Avril and Jonah excelling in school in future because education is so important these days. My parents have never pushed me to strive towards having good grades but I don't think that should be the way. We should encourage our children to strive towards everything in life. Education, career, sports, love, everything under the sun. One should have enthusiasm for everything and work towards satisfaction. 

Our next exciting milestone.. Jonah hitting six months old and I can finally prepare solids for him! Avril and I have already been discussing what first food to offer him, at this point of time we have decided that it would be some avocado but well.. Little miss bossy might change her mind. ;) 


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