To the Zoo, To the Zoo!

As you would all know, more likely the followers on my Instagram account, I have befriended a SAHM (JUST LIKE ME - her name is Leng), and she has a 1 year old daughter name Sophie.  I have been trying to not go crazy about it but I can't help but Thank God I found her through the website MeetUp.  Well, basically this is a website which allows people of the same interest to schedule  "meetups" so we could all enjoy doing the same thing.

My favourite past time obviously has to include my 13 months daughter so this group is perfect for me! I found Leng and a few other regular mothers that I meet up for coffee/playgroups through "North-East Mama", we live a stone throw away so it's perfect for our before or after baby's nap-time and the good thing is, we are on the same frequency! We all have babies - also very lucky that our babies all happen to be about the same age group. We are all SAHMs.  We live around the area.

MeetUp has changed my life entirely.  From being a young mother who has no one to talk to about babying, I now have what they call - a support group.  We talk about everything under the sky - Diaper brands, milk feeds, what kind of solids to feed, arrange for sessions to stimulate and encourage our babies to enjoy socializing with each other.

Back to Leng and Sophie, she's kinda like my Best Friend in the group because I hang out with her most frequently as our daughters have the almost exact nap time, feeding time and they're so good with each other! They're like best friends and I'm so glad that Avril has a best friend at this age.  They could grow up together and watch each other's back.

So.. we've been hanging out quite a bit and today, we decided to take the kids out to the Zoo.

We were quite worried because we had all the Barangs to take along and you know they had to be napping twice throughout the day.  Turns out, we four ladies had a jolly good time! 

We left the house at about 9am and arrived at the Zoo at 10am, you know la with the kids and all, we had to manage the strollers, put on shoes etc.  Avril took a short nap the moment we reached and while she napped, we had coffee and planned our route for the day.

Our tickets were inclusive of the tram ride so we decided that since we were heading towards the KidzWorld first (30 minutes walk from the Entrance), we would take the tram to save energy.  I was dreading it because my stroller was filled with stuff and it would be such a hassle to fold my stroller.  Turns out, we worried for nothing.  As long as you take the front seat, you could have your stroller up the tram - unfolded.  Also, the tram driver would gladly bring it up for you with a big wide smile. :)
Kudos to them! I appreciate their help a lot!
Upon Arrival, we headed for the Animal Show at 11am.  Avril and I were both thankful that the show area was a big space filled with interesting looking objects to snoop around before the show started.  We were a tad early. She was dancing to the loud nursery songs over the boombox and I couldn't stop laughing at her moves.  I must stop dancing so much in front of her.. The cute little mushrooms and adorable decorations kept her well occupied.

After the show, they were even nice enough to let the audience get up and close with the animals.  Most of these animals in the show were abandoned.  I am very proud of our Singapore Zoo! The kids were kept entertained through out the show, clapping and squealing in delight.  I think it might be because at this Kids Animal Show, they used mainly domestic pets and the kids could relate very well to them, it also pays to sit at the front row so they could see perfectly.

After the show, we walked around and visited the Goats and Ponies.  The Goats were a little rowdy and the Ponies were all in their respective cages so the girls were not too impressed.  We went for Lunch at KFC after a short tour of the area.

We had a nice filling lunch and when I opened the door into the Water Play Park, Avril went crazy, she was diving towards the wet playground.  We changed them and ran towards the park.  The girls were giggling non-stop.  Avril had so much fun today!  It's a pity I couldn't take much pictures in the water.

At 1.30pm, the kids looked like they have had enough fun and it was time to nap we went into the nursing room, cleaned them up, fed milk and they were fast asleep by 2pm. We strapped them up in our baby carriers and sat around in KFC for the air-con and so they could have a nice long nap.

At 3pm when they woke up, we headed for the Elephant Show.  It was too long and the elephants were too far away, they were bored after 10 minutes so we decided to make a run for it so we could have more time for the other attractions.

We went into the Australian Outback, my memory failed me.  I've always had the impression that the Kangaroos could roam free and we could pat them as we wished but that must have been Perth, not Singapore.  We missed feeding time by a bit but the Zookeepers were nice enough to allow us in to pat them but because there was a bit of a crowd, the Kangaroos hopped away as fast as they ate.

We didn't managed to pat them but.. as we were leaving, this particular Zookeeper was SO nice, he carried a 9 months old baby kangaroo in his arms and brought it over for Avril and Sophie to pat a little.  I am very touched by his efforts to not disappoint them (us mommies actually). 

We couldn't manage a proper picture with the Kangaroos so we decided this could work just as well.

This was all we could manage in 9 hours with the kids, after that we took them to the KFC at the entrance (the only food outlet with air-con) and gave them dinner.  It was home sweet home after.  Avril had trouble falling asleep, I suspect it's the over stimulation and the extreme fatigue.  I am dead beat myself but I had to tidy up some loose ends and while uploading the pictures I got excited and wanted to blog about my fantastic day!

It was really tiring but so satisfying to see our daughters grinning, laughing and poking each other all the time.  They wanted to do whatever the other was doing, eat, play with spoons, drink, cough.  It was nice to be out with people who enjoyed doing the same thing!

I also just realised how much Avril has grown, she is like a little adult now and she appreciates all the things that I like and we laugh at nothing everyday.  It is so fun and I cannot imagine how much more fun it would get when she grows older.

You never stop falling in love with your kids.. Well, when she's 20 and asking me stop nagging maybe I'd feel differently then but for now, I am constantly drown in a river of love.  Sure, it gets frustrating sometimes but this morning when I woke up from a bad dream and was sobbing like crazy, all it took was her dragging her "My Mom is Fantastic" book, nudging me and grinning like a fool to turn my day around.

Before I became a Mother, I am an empty cup filled with dust.  Today, I am a jar, filled with so much of love and happiness.

Nobody can replace my daughter in my heart.. and I know nobody will ever love her the way I do.  With my heart and soul, with my everything.

Tell your children/parents you love them today.



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