Sleep and its training process.

Like many other mothers out there, I believe we face the same sleeping issue.
Our children relying on an aid to fall asleep. My story started when I realised just how easy was it to make my baby fall asleep while breast feeding.

Despite the numerous advice from the hospital and my trusty Internet to not encourage this behaviour, I was defeated by fatigue to take this path. For a good 6-7 months, I relied on my breast to soothe Avril to bed. After I stopped breast feeding completely, I started rocking her/holding her in my arms so she could fall asleep. She usually does so in 5-10 mins so it was never an issue for me.

In the past 2 months, we've been facing some serious "going to bed/nap" problems. She would want to be in some awkward position (which is very tiring on my back) or I would have to rock her for a good 15-20 mins. I assume that is because she is now a whole lot more inquisitive and wants to continue playing despite being tired.

Well, usually my nap times are the worst, I've succeeded in patting her to bed at night the last 2 months and sometimes she goes without but when she fell ill the past 2 weeks, her nose was blocked and the only way I could get her to bed was rocking her.. It's like I've taken the path of no return!

Wow! Her sleep issues had been so crazy the past few days, the moment I stop any form of motion, she protest very violently. I got quite pissed off because I'm like WHAT!!! What happened to all my sleep training!!!!!

So I put my foot down and decided on day I'm not going to budge, I went through the whole procedure again.

1) Let her cry it out in my arms - didn't work at all. She got so stressed up she ended up crying and refused to let me go for the next half hour. Nah ah.

2) Let her cry it out - only when she startles and wakes up at night. Not quite useful because she kept wailing and it affected Papa J quite a bit.

3) Pat her back to bed - despite initial protest. Worked the best, the starting part, I had to deal with a bit of crying but I wouldn't barge so she had to. She realised that the whole carrying and rocking wasn't gonna happen so she stopped requesting to be carried after a few days.

Now, she whimpers and goes back to bed on her own. 2 nights in a row she fell asleep on her own.

I must say.. It was all very stressful at the initial stage but I guess it's all about deciding on a comfortable method and be determined about it. Many times, we allow them to take control because we're too tired or lazy. I told myself, better to slog it out now then to suffer a few more years. Haha!

Have a great mid-week! Hope I'm not boring you guys too much. xx

A picture of Avril to redeem myself.


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