I have this pair of Minnie sandals that is a tad too big for the girl but she brings it to me a gazillion time a day so I could put it on for her and she can walk like a supermodel in the room.

It is almost like her bedroom slippers, only they are half a size too big. I think the Minnie Mouse did a great job enticing her. She also has this weird habit of putting her shoes into her mouth these days.

I think there has been a great leap of how she is now and a month ago, ever since she started walking she's like a grown up in a tiny body, instructing ME to do things for her. Wow!

I'm already used to having books, my iPhone, toys thrown at me and she stares at me with her big brown eyes waiting for something magical to happen with these objects. Um, I do my best.

I'm not losing out either, I have gained a mini me to help me out with chores like helping me fetch a new set of pampers, choosing what to wear for the day, cleaning up after she eats (wiping table) and nowadays she's showing signs of wanting to dress herself, put on her own shoes etc.

Before she sleeps every night she looks at our wedding portrait and yells MAMA PAPA at least a hundred times before she settles down and go to bed, that makes me very happy. I am glad I taught her to say yes by nodding her head FIRST, instead of shaking her head and and say no. So far, I don't think I want to take that risk. Haha!

I'm happy she says yes to everything, especially during feeding time. You want a banana? Yes! You want broccoli? Yes! Haha keep it up my baby! Although she still spits out things she don't like... But positivity is a great trait to have in life!

We're gonna stay that way. Papa J will be gone for a work trip for the next four days, actually it won't make much difference but you know, the whole being around and not being contactable almost anytime of the day sucks quite a bit. Due to work, papa J don't get to see AJ during the weekdays much but they give each other flying kisses through face time all the time.

Face time, Skype, video conferencing is probably the best invention in the world. Grrrr, guess our darlings have to remember each other through the old school way, love letters (video form) for the next couple of days! xx

Good week ahead everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy!

PS: Avril is 13 months old today! Wow! The whole transition from being a baby to a toddler is nothing but awesome! Wait until I know better....


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