This Lunar New Year is Avril's first year. Cant say that it has been exceptionally exciting. The three of us were down with a bad sore throat, runny nose and cough. Avril just barely recovered. It was really nice to see her all decked in our Traditional Chinese wear though. Papa J on the other hand heaved a sigh of relief when I changed her out into her normal wear. It is also my first year wearing a Cheongsam.

We battled rain and a sea of people in Chinatown for our costumes so please tell us we look nice.

We were running everywhere and literally only came home to nap and sleep at night. This year's a quiet year for gambling, maybe because we were exhausted by the end of each day. Papa J and I finished an entire container of Bak Kwa at 1 in the morning on the first day of CNY because we were hungry and that was the only food available.

I can't believe I'm saying this but as much as I love that it is CNY and we have Papa J around at home with us.. I am glad it is over.

Pictures via Instagram. (Sorry very lazy)


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