Before I became a mom, being irresponsible didn't matter, I could wake up late, I could drink as much as I'd like, at the very most, it all comes right out through the throat again. I didn't have to plan for my future or entertained the idea of saving money. 

Today, I'm a mom of two. Clubbing seems like too much effort, drinking ruins my health and I need my energy and stamina to wake up through the night and run after my toddler. I have to save for their education, to buy toys and provide them with the best, provide them with what I never had. 

Am I changed person? Maybe. I still love having fun but.. At the end of watching a 2 months old and a 22 months old, I'm too tired to have fun. I'm too tired to be anyone, a mother, a wife, a daughter or worst, myself. 

Who am I? 


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