How we have been!

I've got all these drafted post and I never got to posting them out because it's been so crazy!

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant (again! I know!) and with so much going on, I barely have time to breathe.  Even if I had time to spare, I'd rather spend it on my massage chair catching up on my precious TV time or just do nothing and aimlessly stroll through my social media feeds.

We have finally settled in to our new place and thus, I have a couple of hours in the morning free so I thought I might just put it to good use and work my pregnant brain.

Avril is turning 5 in a couple of months and Jonah, 3 next month!

It drives me crazy that time just slides pass you quietly.

Avril recently had a hair cut and I thought it'd be nice to have some change so I persuaded her to have some fringe and she loved it!  She was obsessed with her new fringe and demanded that they were put in place all the time for the first couple of days.

The novelty has since worn off but I still catch her staring at herself in the mirror adjusting her hair and smiling to herself.  It is so cute to watch although in my mind I'm going "Oh dear, this is the beginning of hair treatments, manicures (which she from time to time enjoys - from mama), and a whole lot of girly stuff."

I'm not complaining.  I never cared much about dolling myself up until I was 16 and understood the idea of attraction between a boy and a girl.  Although I'm sure the kids nowadays mature a whole lot faster.  I hope to protect my children's innocence and ignorance for as long as I can.

Jonah! He is such a big boy now.

He has a mind of his own but I am thankful he has grown to be an extremely easy going child and he plays so well on his own!  He still has an extremely good appetite and wow! His speech!  You can't stop him from talking now - and he fights for his chance to speak.  I admire Jonah for his courage to fight for what he wants.  Against the bigger kids, he doesn't seem to fear them as much as Avril used to.  I love that he doesn't really care what you think about him, he's just happy being him.

If the girls didn't want to play with him, he'd find something else to do or someone else to play with.

We have enrolled Jonah for Takewondo just recently and he seem to enjoy it although I notice halfway through the class (30 mins), he would start fidgeting and grow a little restless.  The kids at his class are all four and above so I'm not comparing him to them.  I understand his attention span at this age could be a little less strong but I hope that Takewondo could help instill discipline in a good way.

He looks so cute in his uniform!

All in all, my two kids are taking very well to having another sibling.  They bug me everyday to buy something for their baby and we talk about having Avril to help look after Jonah when I have to feed baby and all that they could help me with!

They seem to willing to do everything except change baby's soiled diaper (the ones with shit - Avril said pee is fine) and I have lately started Avril on taking over story time at bedtime on some days.  She can memorize some 15-20 books of ours and she does a brilliant job reading to Jonah! Although for the longer books, she could be slightly inaccurate or she reads them in her own way, that's totally fine by me!

Alright!  I have to end abruptly here because I need to prepare lunch and pick my kids from school soon.  Until next time!  Hopefully we won't take too long next!


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