What we've been up to!

I know. I've been so lazy to blog.
These days, I just want to lay down in bed after Avril sleeps and watch tv mindlessly. I don't even want to make conversations because I think my brain's officially called it a close shop after 8pm. I'm not exhausted, I actually sleep a lot later these days because I CAN'T sleep but I just can't bring myself to work my brain juice. 

Tiong Bahru Bakery. 

We usually make an effort to head out somewhere nice and special for breakfast on Sundays because it's the only day we get to spend time together. And really, my life's all about food now. 

Avril had some waking up at 5.30am habit for about two weeks and since everyone was complaining about me putting her to bed too early, I tried to cut down naps, let her sleep later and all that jest. It didn't work. In the end, I went back to the first rule I read in sleep training books. Babies/toddlers need their sleep! I let her nap longer in the day and sleep earlier at night, she's waking up at 6.30am now, hurray! Papa J could only manage a "I told you so", so annoying because I really don't remember him giving me advice leh.... 

Finally tried the famous Tim Ho Wan at its new branch in Toa Payoh, how very overrated. Taste and feels like any dim sum restaurant, if not lower class because of its decor. But the Baked Bun with BBQ pork did make us leave salivating and wanting more.  

Visited the Jacob Ballas Children Garden with Leng and Sophie and left with 10 mosquito bites on Avril's face and hands.  She had patches and repellent on! I have no idea why she attracted all the mosquito! Sophie had none! It's not the place, it's Avril. Haha! I love the garden because it was so educational and it omitted such good vibes with the greenery and children running around. Very shaded so it wasn't too warm as well. 

They had sand and water play and a big treehouse playground, almost like every child's dream come true. Great place to burn out all that energy! Best of all? It's free! 

Avril with her bites and 3 months from her last hair cut, her fringe is beginning to annoy me again. I will attempt to snip it off my own this time. 

At 18 months, Avril has been refusing to eat at meal times but I'm not too worried since she's sitting at a healthy 11.7kg. She's up at 90 percentile for height and 97 percentile for weight the last we checked. I do try to persuade her to eat at times so I gave her my Char Siew Rice one afternoon and she only wanted to eat it with MY fork and spoon. Very demanding my daughter. (She wasn't really eating anyway, playing with food!!!) 

Last Sunday we went to Rider's Cafe for breakfast, it wasn't a disappointment! 

Breakfast was so good I couldn't stop wolfing my food down (I am pregnant, Don't judge!) We had a nice view where Avril could watch the horses walk by leisurely and I'm glad that made her happy! We even took a walk out to the stables and riding school to look at the kids bathe their own horses. Nice, relaxing Sunday. Even had time to head to the library after! ;) 

Been teaching her about emotions so this is her half sad face - will take proper pictures soon!!! She now knows happy, sad and angry. Haha! Extremely adorable. 

Avril posing for her OFTD picture. Haha. Love her crocs shoes, pity she will grow out of them soon! 

Bought a piece of adhesive where you could use chalk and draw on it. Acts like a blackboard, feels nothing like it! I liked the chalk idea because it messes up quite a bit and kids love mess! Cleaning is SO easy and fuss free with a piece of wet wipe or wet cloth! ;) 

Most of the time when we're home I make an effort to home school her so we're not wasting time away. I'm not a qualified teacher but I do my best. She learns best when I teach and play/sing at the same time. Most recently, she can differentiate her left/right hand. Hopefully in the near future I can tell her "ok, turn left here" and she does! 

Been trying to take videos of her counting from 1-10 and she can tell me A for Apple, B for Ball etc all the way until H is for Hat. This girl is a chatterbox! I've been quite ashamed of myself not exposing her to more motor skills related play so I make her put coins into my piggy bank as and when I can and bought a birthday cake (toy of course), to insert the candles and toppings etc. It works! Whole lot better now! 

Also,we have unlimited sand play at home now because my mother-in-law took back some sand and rocks for her precious baby to play with - sand and rocks all washed!!! Avril loves it! 

My sister commented on how curly her hair is and I just had to do this. What can I say? It's in the blood! 

Have I redeemed myself? Haha. I'm not quite done with the pictures I have but that's quite a damn lot of brain juice used tonight so I'm gonna retire and do this on another good night. Hope this brightens up your boring Monday night. I'm gonna be glued to the tv and wait for Papa J to buy supper back. 

Also.. I must say, Papa J is the best husband because he massages me for 10-15 mins every night! His silent effort must not be hidden under the blanket! This beats flowers and whatever expensive gift! It still does not beat good food. Hehe. 


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