I survived!

It has been 10 weeks since I gave birth to Adrianna.  Life has been extremely overwhelming with all the transitional changes.  Basically, it's just waking up feeling like you barely slept and then miraculously survive another day of being a Mom.

Lately, I've been very short tempered with the kids, I can't shake this restlessness off me.  Before I gave birth, I had these plans to take up some course just to stimulate my mind a little but wow, those were some big dreams I had - I barely have time to breathe, not to mention take up a course of some sort.

Times like these, I half wish I had been wiser to send my children to a child-care center, life would be a breeze with just one child.  I can't believe I had been so whiny with my first child.  Tired?!  What was I ever complaining about?!!??!!  I had all the time to take a nice good shit, all that time to nap whilst my child was napping.

The above would be Adrianna's first ever passport photo.  I'm just thinking of another 5 year old talking back to me like she knows the world when I put this picture up - Oh yes Avril, I'm talking about you.  

This is the only picture I have in my brand new sparkling laptop now because my Mother-in-Law graciously decided to bestow me one!  I am so so lucky. 

This happen to be the only picture because I was just applying her very first passport moments ago and I decided to be crazy enough to spend my precious hour sitting on my floor churning this out when I could be finally be lying comfortably on my bed resting. 

I finally got Adrianna on some kind of a routine since she's almost three months old and life is well, a little more predictable.  Can I just say this - routines are what's really keeping me alive as a mom of three.  Without it, I'd likely go crazy and stop having babies.  It's 8.30pm and I have all three kids sleeping.  During the school holidays, we let loose, have them nap and stay way up.  By the end of the holidays I thought I was going to murder someone.  

I just can't deal with having my kids around me ALL the time.  That's normal right?  I told the two bigger monsters "Hey guys, play in the playroom, i'm gonna let your sister sleep and I can come by for story time before bed time ok?" 


No such luck! 

Jonah barged in first and with some hand signal, I manged to get him out with a loud bang on the door. 

Avril came in next and with a crazy face, she finally went out!  Oh! Don't forget the banging of the door! 

Real sweet kids. 

I'm gonna hang in there and try to survive. 



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