50 Shades

So, I've been busy and crazy over this above series of book.  I just completed the 2nd volume this morning and I can't peel my eyes, heart and me away from it.

Wait, no, it's not the sex.

Okay, I have to admit the entire description of "Sex-ing" is really pretty damn awesome. Actually, the entire hoo-haa about this book IS about the Sex but really, it kinda gets boring after awhile, I felt like I was reading the same shit over and over and onto the second book, I was speed reading through the sexing part.  I just need to know what happens to Grey and Steele ultimately.

Love the humour, puts a smile to my face very often.  Makes me remember, in Papa J's words "Our Honeymoon period". 

Gee.  Papa J wasn't very happy when I um, remembered to put the novel into my bag but forgot my driving booklet when I was on my way for my driving class, apparently, this book has been the cause of many break-up(s). I can see why.  Christian Grey, he's too good to be true!  Man, he's like a love God or something.  I asked Papa J if he loved me after reading half way through Volume I.  Haha!

It makes our ordinary people life sound like a boring black wall.

Anyway, it gets better and better.  I'm dragging my way into the last Volume because I don't want it to end so soon.  I have this thing about living in a book.  

It's good.  You should all grab it.  Hey who knows, it might be the solution to the low birth rates in Singapore.  Haha!

Of course.. it takes a lot of imagination.. Hmmm.


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