I know how late I am.. but I must show you videos of AJ rolling!

I tried like a gazillion times before she was willing to roll nicely for the camera (iPhone la, but still!) - BTW, it looks dangerous but I have since improvised, she has 2 mattress to roll on now, they spilt up from time to time but I'm almost always there to save her. HAHA.  Waiting to buy our play mat!

Now you know what we're doing all day. Haha!

Also, we were bored one day so I decided to take her for a dip in the spa tub we have at home. It was great!  Only the wind outside was a tad too strong for my liking - but I got Joy to hold up a towel to block off the wind.  Water has to filled up more - my sweetheart's too tall!

You must have seen her pictures up on FB already!

Also, I was trying to get a nice sweet smiling passport photograph taken for her but guess what, it is A WHOLE LOT EASIER SAID THEN DONE. 

Here are my failed attempts:


Finally I decided that it wasn't going to work out so I put her on the bed, use a white nappy and set it as background.  What can I say?  This is at least decent.  You know, AJ has this very serious side of her when she's not feeling chirpy.  I think she took that after me.  When we're jolly, we have the cutest and sunniest smile on our faces but when we're bored or tired or impatient or whatever that is not associated with "happy", we're just........ leave me alone.  Hahaha.

Jo and Sarah came over to visit on Monday.  Sarah bought this lovely bear hat for AJ and Jo ta bao-ed lunch for me and till now, I still can't believe we sat around for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing else but TALK.  What is it about us women that we have so much to share?!

They are my favourite girls! xxxx


So.. I'm sure many of you are wondering how the new helper is.

I must say, she has since improved plenty since the first week.  I guess, it was really getting used to having some one new around your life.  My level of privacy in my life now is at 10 percent.

She's really great help in carrying all the heavy stuff for me, keeping our home dustless and well, when it comes to baby-ing, I still have my reservations.  The reason why I have time to even sit here and be typing away is because, I decided that I HAD to let go at some point since I'll be going to school and I have driving lessons packed back to back in 2 weeks time. 

I need to see how she handles baby ALONE.

I tried to get her to read to AJ once, she read for 2 mins and she gave up.  AJ was looking bored.  And you know how their accent is different from us?  I guess I don't want to take that chance too.  I always imagined my helper to be able to do exactly what I am doing for AJ but of course I got chided and reminded that hey, I'm her mother of course I want the best for my child but they're only here for the money they earn every month.  They follow instructions.  That's all they do.  You think they give two hoots about your child's brain development???!!!!

I was watching them from the CCTV that we have recently fixed up.  They looked REALLY REALLY BORED.  AJ was just fussing and sounded annoyed.  That was just 1 hour they had together.  Joy was just holding up toys and going ooohh ahhh chick chick chick chick.  I was cringing the whole time.  But what choice do I have?

After staying at home for close to 5 months, I am clearly very attached to AJ.  I often catch myself wishing I could stay at home for the next few years but obviously our financial status do not permit and I'm still so young!  I want a piece of myself back too.  When I was young, I was lucky to have my Aunt Suzie.  Even till today, I remember us snuggling in bed watching "My Fair Lady" and that's what I want my child to have, fond memories of her father and I in her childhood when she's older.

Not memories of her maid tucking her in to bed. 

I tried to imagine myself going back to work full time and studying part time.  What little time would I have for her?  It breaks my heart.  

I feel guilty about leaving her to the maid but I also understand that this is what society requires of us.  Make babies and leave them to be nurtured by domestic helpers. 

I wanted to have another baby next year (Trust me, parenthood is addictive) but now.. I just want to make enough money for our new home and to be able to stay home for at least 6 months for our next child too.

Actually after AJ is old enough to attend play school, I am hoping I wouldn't require a maid anymore.  I've seen working adults without domestic helpers and they're all doing fine!  If they can do it, I can too! 


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