2 weekends ago, Dryper had the best ever swap.  Just bring along an old diaper wrapper in exchange for a brand new pack of the new Drypers Wee Wee Dry. 

I was so excited (Ok,yes I'm the ultimate kiasu mother), I dragged Papa J there to "see how it goes" - The queue was of course, crazy.  We ARE in Singapore after all.  Well, we got our pampers and everyone was happy.  I haven't go to using them yet because AJ still has some leftover but I can hardly wait to try their new series of pampers.  I bought a packet of Drypers before and I wasted so many of them because it couldn't be fastened, the flaps were not sticky enough so I'm hoping their new series won't disappoint me. :)

I was on Dryper's facebook page to thank them for their free pampers and I was absolutely disgusted.  Some people were just shamelessly COMPLAINING about how long Drypers queue was, how unorganized they are blah blah blah.  Fair enough if you're complaining about services if you're a consumer - which means you're actually taking money out of your pocket to PAY and purchase something but hey, this is entirely FOC. 

Shouldn't we be thankful instead?  And if you think the queue is too long, don't queue!  It is free, of course there'll be a mad rush.  Why do you think there is even a QUEUE?  Man.. I don't understand! 

So.. my point is, THANK YOU Drypers for the absolutely complimentary diapers (even though the queue was a tad badly managed.) :)

Also, last Thursday was our nation's 47th birthday.  So I decided that we'd all be clad in Red and White, the colour of our national flag. Happy birthday Singapore! You're a great country to live in despite the crazy weather and lack of land space.

Also took AJ for a swim in her new Bikini (present from MIL), she was exceptionally happy that afternoon.  

We went for some good food and quality family day out at Ma Masion Tonkatsu (At Mandarin Gallery).  I must say, it was the BEST Tonkatsu I've ever eaten.  The Pork cutlet was fried to perfection and their portion was just nice.  Miso soup was excellent and generous with their ingredient.  It wasn't a disappointment.  It is a MUST try.

Notice Avril's sneakers?  Haha!

One day shy of 5 months old and she did her first mini-push up!  

Turned 5 months old on the 14th.  What big difference!  They grow so fast don't they!

Taken today.  New toy, this entertained her for a good 10 mins.  Haha!  Thanks Aunty Amy for all the good conditioned hand-me-down toys.  Saved us plenty of money!

I've aways had this tradition of giving her a present on her monthsary but yesterday there was nothing for her.  Instead, she gave me such a huge present! Avril fell asleep on her own yesterday!  I am blimey proud and I'm waiting to see if it'd happen again today!  Wish us luck! xx

Okay, until next time! It's getting late!


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