First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who attended Avril's first birthday party. We are grateful that most of our family and friends turned up despite the heavy downpour and I am sure Avril will be extremely happy with her presents.

Already caught a sneak peak of few of her presents and I must say.. Thank you all for being so generous and loving. We feel blessed and touched to have immense support from both side of the family, our friends, Papa J's colleagues and some of my MIL's friends.

Pictures will be ready in approximately 2-3 weeks so please stay tuned.

I hope you all had a wonderful time and a full tummy to bring home.

Avril having turn one (actually not really, we're still a few days away), I cannot help but feel a gush of unexplained emotions swimming in my stomach.

Wow, one year, that's not a very long time but in this one year, it had been the most fulfilling and satisfying. Being a mother, I often feel like I have an invisible weight upon my shoulder, it is my responsibility to ensure that this little girl grows up to be loving, caring and most importantly, have a good heart.

I have watched her transform from an infant who requires 24 hours demands and care, into a coming toddler who has her own personality and character. A friend asked if I enjoyed being a housewife. I told him it is a journey of up and down.

Looking after a child full-time has no monetary returns, in fact, it is like PAP, you pay and pay. The only reason why parents are more then willingly to spend on their child is because we love them. And there really isn't any other reason besides that.

I enjoy motherhood because at the end of each day, I can snuggle and (only recently) get a kiss goodnight, hopefully get to hear "I love you" in a couple of years, I don't have to worry that my child is not getting enough nutrients from her daily meal because I prepare them myself, I don't have to fret that she would get abused and that she is loved every single moment of the day. I hope she grows up to have such perfect childhood memories that she would share with her children in future.

I hope that when she is feeling distraught, my voice can soothe her and calm her down. I hope that I can give her the best I could offer, as a mother, as a teacher and most importantly, as a friend. I hope she comes to me in future when she needs somebody to just "share".

The returns of being a SAHM is greater each day, I have no regrets forsaking a job that I only work for money to be given this no pay job. It is hard work but it gives you love and hope every single day, the best job in the world is doing something you love, I found mine. Even though sometimes I find myself disappearing behind the shadows of being a mom.

When I watch my daughter clapping to her birthday song and absolutely oblivious to her birthday cake, I am overwhelmed with pride and happiness. Nothing in this world can make you feel like that - except childbirth or your wedding day / the only time I ever cried in joy was when I saw Papa J finally break through the doors to lift my veil and plant a kiss on my lips.

Life has been very different, the good kind of different. I catch myself looking back and wondering "Has it really been a year?" Wow. I cannot imagine how our mothers feel when they look at US! Do they feel like me when they watch us grow into the person we are now and feel overwhelmed like I do? We all get exceptionally emotional on big occasions because it marks a big milestone in our lives and we celebrate our good work.

Congratulations Papa J and I. We are now proud parents of a one year old and entering the scary world of managing a toddler, good luck to us.


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