Ever feel like everything you're doing is wrong but you can't help but continue doing it because you know it's right?

Some days I tell myself this is temporary, some days I think to myself "I wish this never ends for me." Some days.. I just hope for time to stop so we can live in this moment.. Forever.

I like my SAHM's meeting days because those are days where I could hold proper conversations with people who speaks my language. Avril has tons of fun with her baby friends while I sit and sip on my coffee and bite into my biscuits in peace. The few regular moms couldn't stop marvelling at just how rare we were able to form this group, living just stones throw away.

I am often stuck in the morning because I basically have 90mins of going out time after you take away lunch and cleaning up from lunch. If my travelling time is an hour, my meetings shortens to 30mins. So as much as I'd like to join the other meet ups at Tanglin and Rochester, it's just impossible.

When I saw this group set up, my heart skipped a beat and I asked myself "What? You mean there are others like me out there? Living so close away?"

It was like a dream come true when I met them and now that it has become a weekly affair, we are planning to up the game and introduce singing and dancing at the meet-ups. Travelling time is 5 minutes, we are in the comfort of a friend's home, the babies have so much fun together and best of all, I think it's just nice to have company, outside of family, on a weekday morning/afternoon. It's great! I am so lucky to finally find this "support group".


Back to a little bit of Avril.. (Saw this article about "are you posting too much about your baby on the Internet?" and I kinda told myself I need to cut it back a little. It's true. I should respect her privacy.. As little as she is now. I must say though, as much as I post, I NEVER post my baby's naked pictures. This is my limit. I am offended when people do it on behalf of me. So please never do it.)

I have had the whole world telling me they can't stand the way I allow Avril to eat in a complete mess but that shouldn't matter to them, I am the one cleaning her up and the maid picks up the mess. I love it, absolutely delights at the disgusted looks Papa J throws us during meal time, it is important for a child to enjoy her meal and explore different textures.. Smell and taste.

If I am going to be a clean freak, well, she most likely will grow up to become one. I'm not quite crazy about living in complete cleanliness so she has to live with that.

So if you ever see Avril drenched in rice or smelling like a fishmonger, don't worry, it's normal.

My little princess is growing up fine, she's turning one in a couple of days and I'm giving myself a pat on the back. Good job Mummy Loh! You've raised a mighty fine baby, now it's time to move on to trying to raise an obedient, loving, filial, patient, curious, active, happy toddler.

I pray that God gives us strength to handle a big bag of rice (she's 10kg), abundance of love, patience to deal with a bundle of energy and finally.. Rainbows after every shower of rain. ;)

Have a great start to your week!


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