River Safari

Wow, I think I lost it for a while, the motivation to write and remember beautiful days and events. I was reading through my past entry and remembered the whole point of this blog - to remember. The good, and the best. 

Last week, we visited the River Safari because we've been talking about utilising our weekends to the fullest and not waste them on shopping - which obviously is not where Avril's interest lies. We were deciding between a few places and ultimately settled on the River Safari because it was small enough to be conquered as a morning's activity (we had dinner date that day), and I have been itching to take her to look at the real life pandas. 

We quickly had breakfast and at 8.30am, there was already a queue at the ticketing booth! Wow! I thought we were early. Being out at a tourist spot never fail to make us all happy and enthusiastic! Weather was great, it wasn't too hot and since Avril has been (on/off) down to one nap a day, we didn't have to waste time getting her to nap and waiting for her to wake up. 

It is always nice to introduce new animals to her because she gets excited and relates them to the pictures she has seen from her flash cards/books. 

The river safari has an unbeatable view. It makes the whole 2 hours of walk so enjoyable and it fills me up because it was so nice to be able to enjoy such brilliant scenic in our tiny little island! 

She was trying to mimic us and take pictures with the camera. Without a doubt, the panda enclosure was the highlight and our favourite site of the day. It was fully air conditioned and it was really big! We saw the male panda, sorry, I still don't know which is which. Avril had a ball of a time running around. It was nice that they had some other animals inside the enclosure so it wasn't really just about the Panda(s). 

The tickets were a tad pricey for me since it doesn't warrant a full day there and the boat rides were not up and working yet so if I knew earlier, I would have waited a bit more to visit. 

We stopped specially to have the famous panda pao, it's surprisingly really yummy. You know how it is like with the cute stuff. If I didn't remember wrongly, it is 2.90 for a pao, crazy I know but guess it's worth it for a nice picture and sincere daughter is a pao fan... Ok. We will pay. 

I didn't make her do that, it just happened. Seems like someone's tired but insist on a nice good-bye picture! 

It was a great Sunday! 

I have more decent pictures in my camera but oh God, get rid of my laziness so I can finally start uploading them into my laptop. You can kick my ass. 


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