Today, I dug up my old (and only hard disk) that my eldest sister generously gave me when I decided to give up my very first laptop ever and had everything transferred out into this very hard disk. It has all my favorite songs in it and I'm feeling exceptionally emotional listening to songs I actually had time to listen to.. a long long time ago.  I am thinking of investing in a good iPod dock so I can have a tiny piece of heaven even while being at home playing Mickey.

It's funny.  The good songs usually involve some heart breaking and tears.

"Cus' without love, I won't survive.."

You know, music is such a big part in my life (or it used to be), I remember in my younger days, my then boyfriends and myself would send each other music files to each other through MSN and we would pour our feelings for each other through song lyrics. (Who still does that huh?). Papa J used to dedicate songs to me in bars and we would play and replay our favorite songs in the car and sing our lungs out.  I remember plugging in my earphones and these soulful music would accompany me.. no matter how I was feeling.  We underestimate the power of music sometimes.

A good song is a friend who never leaves you. 

Anyway, fast forward to present, I have been in the ultimate hibernation mode.  I am reluctant to do anything after Avril goes down for bed time, all I want to do is lie down and watch the television or read a good book (still waiting for my bedside light to happen).  I am 24 weeks pregnant this week so I am approximately 14 weeks away from "life with an infant" all over again.  Not sure how to feel about that, anxious to have my body return to normal again, nervous about juggling two children, excited to love and be loved by another tiny little life all over again, I'm actually looking forward to breast feeding this time round.  

The past 2 weeks, Avril has been doing really badly at sleep because I've been cutting her morning nap and finally! I managed to get a nice solid routine going on for the past few days but it'd have to stay for at least a week before I deem it working.  

She's turning 17 months soon, she still amazes me each time she opens her mouth and blurts new words.  She is at least at 50 words now and she understands what I'm telling her so it's easier to get her to do things.  The little imp also tells me what she wants and obviously NOT want.  I find joy in teaching her everything within my capabilities and my humble opinion is, repetition is key. 

It is everyday now I find my efforts reading the same old books, repeating the same old words working it's magic. Nothing comes without effort. Let's now hope I have the same amount of energy for the next one. 


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