What we did all day

To make up for my laziness and lack of blog post, here are some pictures (from my new iTouch ahem) taken today to redeem myself. 

Made up a see-saw. 

We built a playground with all 3 of Avril's favourite - a slide, a tunnel and a bridge to bounce on. 

Helping her friends take turn with the slide hahahhaa. 

Destroyed my painstakingly made playground like 4826282973 times. 

Decided that she wasn't going to let her friends soak up the fun while she sit out and watch, I went through the tunnel twice and obviously crash the whole thing haha! 

Also set up a tiny market for her to go shopping. 

Choosing a fresh piece of chicken. 

With her little yellow basket. 

Then we concluded our day with a walk around the neighborhood. 

It's a stay home kind of day.

These days, I look at my daughter and feel a horrible sense of guilt. I wish I could have more one-on-one time with her, wish I could baby her a little longer. I am also experiencing an extreme sense of loss from having to detach from my 24/7 mommy duties. Lack of sleep from hoping it's not going to hurt too bad this time round. My first birth experience hasn't been too lovely if you must know. 

Damn pregnancy hormones running it's course at it's peak. 

We are 2 weeks odd away and my hospital bag not packed, car seat not fixed and I'm still undecided about where the new baby's going to sleep. God save me. Now we know where the middle kid syndrome comes from huh. I will get it done... Must, get it done.  

On the other hand, I must admit it's a nice thought I'd be able to have a nice mug of beer, in the near future. Oh, and all that sashimi and cheesecake. Yeah, I don't feel all that bad now. 


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