A typical day.

When I tell people I'm a SAHM, they always look at me and say "Wah, tai tai ah? So what you do everyday? Shake leg at home everyday?"

When I'm in a good mood, I explain nicely that it is not easy to look after a child.  When I'm feeling surly, I want to throw my shoes at them.

Let me show you my daily routine and maybe you can tell me if I have it easy:

Routine for 6 months old:

6.30am: Wakes up (NOTE: If baby had a bad day the day before, meaning not enough nap time, teething or for some god forsaken reason just FEEL like it - my waking hour is 5am - which is most nights now that she is teething)

7am - Drink Milk, Burp, Keep her upright for 20 mins at least.

7.30am - Walk around the neighbourhood.

8am - Return to house and make breakfast for the queen.

8.30am - AJ's bath time.

8.45-9am - NAP.

10am - Play time

11am - Drink Milk, Burp, Keep her upright for 20 mins at least.

11.30am - Play Time/Change Pampers

Noon - NAP

1.30pm - Lunch/Play Time

2.30pm - Change Pampers

3pm - Drink Milk, Burp, Keep her upright for 20 mins at least.

3.45pm - NAP

4.30pm - Play Time

5.30pm - AJ's bath time.

Play time until bed time, which is usually about 7pm. (If she has enough sleep during the day, otherwise I will put her to bed half an hour earlier)

She usually wakes up about 3am (if there are no disturbances - us coming back home at 11ish) for her night feed. 

It's not difficult to look after a child, but looking after a child 24/7 usually means that you have to sacrifice yourself, fully, entirely.  Baby talks, one way conversations and no tv.  Sometimes, I look at my maid and feel like her life is so much better then me.  I only nap once during the day with AJ and the rest of time when she naps, I'll do my school work. 

I am quite insistent on doing everything myself when it comes to AJ because I believe that's my responsibility.  I only hand over when I HAVE to, when I need to do my school work, when I have my driving classes..

Lately, I feel like I'm reaching breaking point.  I have school so usually when I end, it's close to midnight when I fall asleep, and she wakes up at 5 in the morning so very often.  For the past 2 weeks, I rarely sleep before 10pm - which happens to be NORMAL for me.  I feel so tired during the day I could just doze off with her latching on me.  My back is aching and I have terrible headaches.

I'm not complaining, please don't get me wrong.  I love AJ and I love looking after her.  When she called me Mama the other day out of nowhere, I was so touched I nearly cried.  I smothered her with hugs and kisses and couldn't believe my ears, I replayed the video at least 10 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

When we work outside and get PAID to work, there is absolutely no sense of gratification (unless you truly love your job - or if it is your own business).  I am just working for the money, to put food on the table and pay for my child's education.  Being a stay at home mom, I sacrificed me.  Who I used to be, what I used to be able to do, I don't get paid and my whole body is sore. But. But I don't regret. 

What if it was the maid who heard her call mama?  What if it was the maid who kissed her bruises away when she falls?  What if it was the maid she prefers to sleep with in future?

The other day AJ was fussing non stop, I knew she needed to sleep because she skipped her first afternoon nap.  She was cranky and shrieking and I was in the middle of a mall needing to push a stroller and carry a crying baby.  Someone insisted that she didn't want to sleep but guess what?  After a good 5 mins of rocking, she was in deep sleep. 

My point is, I look after this baby 24/7 for a good coming 7 months now. I know what she wants and what she needs.  Not all the time, most of the time.  I do things for a reason.  I wish people would stop rebuking me when I tell them what I understand from looking after my child and stop telling me what I should do with her!  Look at her!  She's close to 8kg, cute like mad, happy like a lark. 

I think I did a mighty fine job.



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