September - 1

Few days back, baby Avril turned 6 months old, wow! She's already halfway to her first birthday, I think I'm still having issues trying to digest that.  I look at her everyday and I am still amazed each time she does something "adult" - like being able to grab hold of her cup, being able to wriggle out of the bumbon seat (in reach of a nearby toy), laugh out loud, sleep sideways, hates being swaddled.

This entire journey feels like a dream.  Honestly speaking, I try my best to remember everything about her infant life and I'm horrible!  I can't remember much really!  One night, papa J and I were preparing for bed and I was strolling through her younger days pictures and we burst out laughing, she was so ugly!! Who said she was cute! You guys are so bias!

She only started getting "cute" when she was about 7 weeks up.  Of course.. I almost never post her ugly pictures so you guys have no idea, and then the overprotective would say it's just the angle.  But seriously, she was almost unrecognizable to us.  I regret not logging down her weekly growth - but of course, you can't blame me, if I had the time.. I would have spent it sleeping anyway.

So! I am still dilligently snapping pictures of her with my camera and I am mighty pleased with the results.  An iPhone's camera + instagram can never replace my S95!  It was one of the "gifts" from Papa J for my 21st birthday and it still looks brand new - close to 2 years!  Shows how much I use it! *Shame*

Watching BabyTV - Bought some educational DVDs for her to watch (actually to distract her for awhile when I need to shower or want some peace).  I know it's bad to let them watch TV so I limit her to a maximum of 15 minutes per day, don't judge me! Haha!

She is fascinated with my laptop (it's not switched on), she likes to put her head right on the keypads, ya, she wants the eat the alphabets.

I especially like this picture because it's so candid! It's like they're laughing at something together! Note: Ah gong's legs behind.

Also, my grandpa is too cool to be true, he found this ring somewhere and he kept wearing it.  (Suzie kept asking him to take it off but he refuse! Haha!)

Now, this is what happens to big girls who refuses to let her mom change in peace!  You can come sit in the closet and be entertained!
Now.. she was being watched every second, there was absolutely NO danger involved, please relax.

And for the record, she was HAPPY sitting in there. HAHA!

Saturday after class.  Why I look so chao ta here?!

Wanted a solo shot of just Papa J and I, look at the bottom right hand corner, I pushed AJ out of the picture hahahahahahahhaa!!!!! SO EVIL!!!!!!!!!
Btw, after we took these pictures, I went to the vain Papa J (who was applying his toner and moisturizer) and said "You think we got Fu Qi (Husband/wife) Lian (Face)?"
He just nod his head.
So I frowned at him and said "THANKS LOR, PATRONISE ME."
He insisted he wasn't and that he really thinks we look alike somehow, but really! After 50 months of being together, I think we have leh!!!! Hahaha! Ok la, even if you think don't have keep it to yourself thanks.
Plenty of photos still, but my vigourous typing on the keyboard is stiring AJ up so I will continue soon, bye, hope you guys have a good week ahead! xxxxx


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