Phuket, Thailand. (1)

Before we left for Phuket, I was so worried.  I was abusing google like a crazy woman reading up on what the other parents encountered and I was also really anxious about the condition of our hotel - we all know we can't trust pictures, the reviews of our hotel was a mixture and I wasn't so sure that my choice was the right one.

Avril was a few days shy of turning 7 months when we left.  She is creeping and learning how to crawl, she can now say "mama, papa, gaga, baba",  taking off and landing was the part I feared the most.  When we were on our way there, she was sleeping throughout take off and when we arrived, I just Breast fed her a little.  I didn't think it was as scary as what people were telling me about, you know the screaming and crying?  That didn't happen one bit.  In fact, when I felt pressure in my own ears, she just continued playing with her toys.

She took the entire flight like a champ and I must say, the perks of bringing an infant on a holiday trashes ANY negative issues we had. 

1) Bassinet seats.  Extra leg room was the bomb especially when we all have long legs and plenty barang barang.

2) Extra attentive staff.  You could ask for the sky and nobody would give you a black face. I think people are generally more patient with you when they see you struggling with a baby.  Also, our flights were filled with mostly Caucasians and they were so friendly! 

3) Nobody tries to con you as much.  It's true!

So, we arrived filled with excitment, went out and found our hotel's transport.  After an hour's drive, we were greeted by an absolutely stunning hotel. 

Baan Laimai was the hotel we stayed in during our trip.  Besides the immense amount of mosquitoes (which I think is everywhere in Thailand) and a mixture of good/bad hotel staff service - some of them seem REALLY reluctant to go the extra mile and they're not afraid to show it.  Squeaky hotel room floor, it was a joke for us really, we had to tip toe everywhere when baby was sleeping haha and really dim lights in the toilet area, everything else was perfect!  We had a fantastic view from our balcony overseeing the pool, we only had to cross one road and we were in the center of Patong Beach.

Yes.. sleeping with AJ, we need a King Sized bed.  We usually sleep like this:

Sorry, best I could manage but ya, you get the point, we are too far apart in the picture above but usually her feet is usually on my face, or her head stuck onto Papa J's face, we have absolutely no where else to go besides the floor.

I must remember to take pictures at 4 in the morning in future.

Street of Phuket, Thailand (Patong).

Papa J being the foodie, he insisted on having a Banana Chocolate Crepe, it smelled so good I couldn't resist ordering one too!  It was soooo good!  AJ was eyeing our food as usual..

Phuket reminded us so much of Bali, really there isn't much difference except in Bali, they speak Indonesian.  Ahem.  We were a whole lot more stingy and alert this trip. 

Phuket time: 6am. Guess who woke me up? ;)

After breakfast the next day, we decided that we would take a dip in our awesome pool. 

AJ decided that she wanted to be cute for us.  She was all gleeful and ready to explore!

We had some vouchers from Mothercare so we decided to splurge it on a warmer for baby AJ!  This is retailing at $48.00 from Mothercare Vivocity.

The water was really freezing, we managed to keep her in the water for 15 mins and she started wailing so we had to .. you know the whole "pack up, prepare hot water for shower, run" drill.  Haha, it was a good experience though.  We managed to have a quick water gun fight - yup, Papa J and I each bought a water gun from Toys'r'us to fire some water there, haha, we are still young at heart.  Who said being parents means you had to be boring?!

Alrighty, I'll leave the rest for part II.

I hope you guys had a good weekend!  Mine was fantastic, best in a long long time! :)


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