My eyes are so heavy I won't be sharing any pictures today.  Really lazy to grab my cables and do the whole uploading and editing process. 

Well, we've been kept busy with AJ finally crawling (on her tummy), past 2 days she has been really frustrated because she wants to crawl with her knees but I think her upper body isn't strong enough yet. 

Papa J joined the Subaru Challenge!  Honestly, so many years we walk past the challenge almost always shrugging and thinking "Ok, whatever, how hard can this be.  This is so lame", I am shamed by my thoughts before.

The whole point of joining the challenge is to, ok, I don't want to lie, win the car and sell it for some cash obviously.  We could do with some extra 50 grand right now I'm not gonna lie haha.  The day before, it was Hari Raya Haji, Papa J slacked the entire afternoon away and had an early night, we didn't make much preparation for the challenge because we honestly didn't know what to expect.  I was half thinking "Aiya, still got lucky draw, really so heng meh!" Haha.

So, we woke up bright and early for the registration and guess what.. Papa J's luck for such events.. really undeniable.  We got in!  Only to realise his palm position on the car was the worst of the worst.  It was the highest palm on the top of the back window.  His wrist is not allowed to touch the car.  It was really tough. 

He dropped out at 24hours44mins (he has a certificate for it haha) because his ankles were a little swollen and he was super thirsty.  The weather was horrible.  His arms are BLACK now haha, chao ta black.  He was physically drained and worn out, we both agreed that if he wanted to, he could have went on further.  But with his position of the car and his palm on the car?  I doubt he would have emerged the winner of the challenge so we thought, no point too.

I was really supportive of the challenge (because of the money that we could have won) and because I was really curious of Papa J's endurance limit.  Honestly, I didn't think he would have lasted 6 hours but hey, he is full of surprises huh ;)

On Monday, when he resumed work, he called me and told me something that broke my heart.

He said he was sorry, he couldn't stay long enough in the competition to win the car and that throughout his 24 odd hours, all he told himself was to try and win so we could have a better life.  Sigh.. at that moment in time, my ice heart melted and I thanked God for a husband like Papa J.

I told him.. it's ok. If he won the car, it would have been a bonus.  Life is already pretty decent to us no?  I wish he knew just how proud I am of him withstanding 24 hours of sheer torture with a heart of a responsible father/husband.  I thought it was a wonderful experience and I really hope we can both enter the challenge together next year!  I honestly don't think I have the physical capability to win the car but I really want to stretch myself and how high my level of tolerance is at!

Anyways, long story cut short, thank you Papa J for all the love in you for us! xxxx


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