Phuket, Thailand (2)

The next few days were relaxingly filled with massages and shopping.
Walking to OTOP Market.  Things are relatively cheaper then the shops along Patong Beach.

Decided to stop for lunch, in an air-conditioned restaurant.  This meal cost us $12SGD and a free baby sitter.

You see, when I googled about "Bringing baby to Phuket", the first thing I read about was how Thai people were extremely enthusiastic about children - or babies for that matter.  Everywhere we went, people were all "Ooooh baby! So cute! How old!", when we went to Bali before Avril was born, everyone on the streets were like "Mushrooms?" or in Bangkok "Thai Girl show?"

Everyone wanted to sell us something but with baby, wow! They left us alone pretty much!

Only in restaurants and massage parlour, I always feel a tad stressed up because they always insist on carrying baby for us.  And I always politely decline.  For example, when we had lunch at the Black Canyon restaurant, the waiter decided that he would just pick Avril up (without asking) and starting showing her around the place.  We were mildly offended, more afraid that he would run out with her.  But you know?  They are all just being really sweet.  They wanted us to eat in peace so they thought they'd help us baby sit.  I think that's the issue with us Singaporeans, always too quick to judge.  I told Papa J that if we were Caucasians, we would have been more then happy to have them baby sit for us whilst we eat.

Oh, the glorious Thai food, how we missed you.

After lunch and a good massage, we decided to head back to the hotel, freshen up and take a stroll down by the beach.  Good thing we did that, we were just in time for the beautiful sunset.

The view was breath taking. Avril was really preoccupied with the sound of the waves.  She wasn't very happy because 1) It was bed time, 2) Sound of waves too loud for her liking, it was roaring and I think that scared her a little.

It was very lovely for me though. :)

We had a crazy ass dinner at a Spanish restaurant with a lovely band and guess what.. AJ took a big crap after our dinner so we had to rush back - with shit on my hands.  I couldn't put her in the sling.  I sighed humorously and told Papa J .. "What a romantic end to our night. Hehe."

The next day we ventured out to the beach because I need a tan, very badly.

Like Hollywood stars yo.

Beautiful beach.  Sun beds were at 200 Baht (SGD8) for the entire day for 2 beds. 

AJ was fussing a little at first and she refused to be near the waves haha but after a while, she was having the time of her life, walking on sand, getting tossed into the air, lying on the sun bed eating her biscuit.  :)

All in all.. our first beach experience with baby was extremely pleasant. :)


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