Phuket, Thailand (3)

My Top 10 list of things to bring with an infant on a holiday:

1) Mosquito Patch + Mosquito Repellent.

Even with double protection, AJ still suffered at least 10-15 mosquito bites.  Papa J was thinking out loud the other day "Maybe these patches don't even work!".  I'm sure it does, I have at least 50 mosquito bites on my whole body, I look like I just came through a war.  I should have bought some for myself!

It's the yellow patch on AJ's jumper.

2) Chewing toys.

I'm not sure if it's Avril or are all babies like that. She has absolutely no interest in soft toys.  She likes the teething ones, especially when they're cold - actually, ONLY when they're cold.  I read that at this age, she should be seeking comfort in a favorite toy but so far, the only "toy" she seeks comfort in, is my smelly pillow case.  I caught her biting on it this afternoon.  Oh, the wonders of "watch and learn".  Better watch myself around her!

3) Biscuits.

If your child is 6 months and above.

Well, it keeps her quiet for 5 minutes at least until she finishes her biscuit.  It's great when you're having your meal outside and you have no food to offer baby.

4) Boiled water AND own boiling flask.

I bought 3 bottles of boiled water there but my whole problem wasn't having clean water to drink, it was boiling my clean water in an absolutely filthy flask.  After boiling water, there were particles in the water.  I think it's the water in Thailand that left such remnants in the flask.  We had to ask the hotel staff to microwave our sterilizing bags every morning because I didn't want to sterilize my bottles in such filthy water (Until the housekeeping lady threw them away mistaking it for thrash)  Very troublesome.  In the end, Papa J came up with some genius idea of cleaning it but it was back to square one after a day of boiling.  Sigh. 

5) Sling/Baby carrier.

In Thailand, it was impossible to be pushing our stroller everywhere because of the uneven roads.  Thank God I bought both so it was easier on the both of us.  We would take turns carrying her and you know what, I think it's all the carrying her that made her sleep so well at night!

6) Portable bath tub.

Avril is still very tiny and she's crazy afraid of the shower.  Thank God we bought a portable bathtub to bathe her in. 

7) Milk powder and necessities.

I bought extra of everything.  Just do that.

8) Fan

Obviously if you're going to cold country you can skip this but thank God we had a manual fan with us, when we were combing Naka Market, it was like a life saver.

9) Sun Block

In Asian countries, best to slather Sun Block generously on baby. 

10) Routine

I minimized AJ's stress level by keeping to her routine so we didn't have any meltdowns.  Our trip was relatively stress free for baby.  She slept well, ate well, in fact, she was such a doll in Phuket, I think she's more stressed up in Singapore.  Maybe because we were a whole lot more relaxed too. 


I'm sure the fantastic food, beer and massage played a huge part in relaxing us throughout the trip. ;)
Can't wait for our next holiday!


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