In a couple of minutes, I'll be 23.

This year means a little more to me, it's my first birthday being a mother. Besides celebrating the birth of me, I am celebrating the life after me. It is amazing
how our life cycle works. Last year, on my birthday, I was quite heavily
pregnant making sure I don't slip on the slippery grounds with additional weight on my tummy.

This year I conquered 2 things off my big journey, my baby is out of my stomach and knowing that I am actually capable of loving and caring for my child. I was really uncertain and I remembered thinking to myself "I can't feel anything for this child, just gonna throw her to the maid."

I guess I had a lot more love then I thought I did.

I also went back to school, quit smoking and maybe refined my temper a little.

I had trouble remembering how old am I turning this year because it feels like it has been such a long year, but I too on the other hand can't deny that time flies. Mother hood is hard work but it is so gratifying you wish time could slow down just a little.

23. I've always been a "birthday" person making sure that I have bombastic plans for this special day but this year, I am thankful for some peace and quiet. As long as I have my family by my side, it makes me happy enough. Actually, the best birthday present I could receive is to have 8 hours of a good night sleep. Haha!

In short, I think my last year had been an eventful, life changing and very blessed. Thank God everything has been pretty smooth sailing, with great family support and love.

I am also extremely please to announce that Avril started clapping her hands today. I guess it's a really lovely birthday present. Hehe.

I will try my best to post updates of Avril soon! I promise!


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