After becoming a mother, it seem almost impossible to keep my emotions at bay.

Few days back, AJ managed to stand on her own without support.  Even though it was just for a few seconds, it took me by such surprise I almost spat in disbelieve. 

Today, at my Grandpa's place, she did it again in front of every one and I was so happy I wanted to pounce at her and drench her with hugs and kisses. 
Avril has changed my life completely and I would like to think that of an understatement.  
Sure, she drives me nuts when she keeps diving for the wires at home but I think she's generally a pretty easy baby for a first time mom like myself.  
It has almost been 9 months since I first held her in my arms and I still feel like it was just yesterday I laid that kiss on her forehead.  

They always tell me, babies grow very fast!  Cherish every moment you have with them because before you know it.. they'll be running around with their friends and mommy is no longer "cool".  It's true.. with a baby, time flies by so quickly, you almost start to reach out for the remote to hit PAUSE.
Very soon, you'd be running around catching butterflies.

Then you'll be telling me all about your school.
And hopefully all about your boyfriends.
Finally.. you'll get married to a good man just like your Papa.
Have a baby yourself and maybe realise just how much I love you. 
Forever and always.
(Sorry, I just watched a very touching video on FB so I'm feeling extra sentimental - also been wanting to post up my instagram photos haha!)


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