Bintan Spa Villa Day I

A few months back, just when I thought I was done with any more holidays after my Gold Coast trip, I was in shock when I realized I won a free holiday from Bintan Spa Villa's Facebook contest.  When I saw their status on Facebook announcing that I was the winner of the contest (Really, everyone asked what did I have to do - it was simple, I just had to like their status, unbelievable I know), I was jumping around like an energizer bunny. Firstly, it isn't everyday you win a holiday.  Secondly, I had the intention of going on a short nearby vacation before I gave birth but the splurge on our Gold Coast trip previously made me feel guilty enough so I tucked the idea at the back of my mind. It was like God reading my mind and sent Bintan Spa Villa my way! Couldn't have been grateful enough!

When I told Papa J about it, he was so skeptical about it and insisted it was a hoax. There would be terms and conditions and we would still have to pay an amount for it. I admit, I secretly thought so too but when I received an email from them, my jaws dropped. Not only were they putting us up in one of their best rooms with an amazing view, transport was entirely taken care of and .. they even threw in a pair of Spa package and snorkeling! It was all too good to be true. Basically, we didn't fork out a single cent aside from paying for our meals. (Breakfast was provided so we only took care of lunch and dinner)

We fixed a date for our trip but unfortunately, my grandfather passed away the day before so we had to postpone the trip at the very last minute. I was expecting Bintan Spa Villa to forfeit the prize because it was so last minute and it wouldn't have been fair for them to re-arrange everything for us but guess what?  That was exactly what they did.  We only had to top up money for the ferry tickets because they couldn't cancel with the ferry terminal and the rest of the package remain.

So.. off we went!

First time taking a ferry together! We also noted we've never been to Bintan before so it was a first for all three of us - okay (three half). Avril was a sport on the ferry occupied with snacks.  I've taken ferries for trips to Batam and trust me, I always get terribly sea sick from the boat rides but this time round, the ferry was not the usual Penguin Ferry Service, we took the Bintan Resort Ferry and it was great! Spacious, comfortable, bright and it even had a television on it.  It was a pleasant hour boat ride, trust me, I was expecting a tough time.  

I don't have much pictures of the ferry - too occupied trying to keep Avril occupied.  Does that make sense? Haha! 

After we arrived, Avril was tired out, she napped in the baby carrier while we took the bus shuttle provided by Bintan Spa Villa and headed for our holiday!  It is located at the other end of Bintan so be prepared for an additional hour bus ride. It didn't affect us much because Avril slept through.  

If there was one thing I could go on and on about Bintan Spa Villa, it would be their extremely gracious and friendly staff.  Each and everyone of them had a smile plastered to their faces and they kept asking if we required more help in any way, is everything alright?  Made a stop along the way for guest to purchase sim cards, bottled water, snacks etc along the way.  

We were quickly ushered into our room after a swift check-in.  I was snooping around their website prior to our trip hoping to get a glimpse of what to expect but when we arrived, the view from our balcony took my breath away.  It was one thing to look at beautiful pictures and another to be admiring the real thing. 

 We quickly clean our princess up and headed out for lunch. 

Still the man I fell in love with. 

Reception area. 

First meal in Bintan. Food was delicious! Papa J and I are extreme fan of Indonesian cuisine so we had a ball of a time ordering from the menu.  

Cheeky Monkey. 

The hut shown in the above picture has an open air Jacuzzi in it. Ahhh, it was like soaking up in paradise. 

Gorgeous view. 

At the Bintan Spa Villa, like any beach holiday, you'd be expecting lots of water sports and massages (a must have in Indonesia/Thailand simply because they are so affordable compared to the sky high prices in Singapore) I don't quite remember the prices of their water sports available because it was a definite no-no for us this time round.  Their massage packages were average, not dirt cheap like Bali but pleasing to the eye because it was still a lot cheaper then Singapore, most importantly, they had a view to die for.  It was almost like being in heaven, even for a short while.  

Aside from the sea sports and massage, they had a little relaxation corner with a pool table, karaoke set and a dart board to kill time, mostly at night after dinner.  On some nights, they even set off some firecrackers to entertain guest.  It was really loud and I was really worried Avril would wake from the blasting but she slept through like a log on both nights.

My little munchkin checking out the resort.  She had a ball of a time running around, soaking up the sun and shrieking at the sea.

We were excited to start our trip so we finished up with lunch, changed and headed to the beach!

Clearly enjoying herself! 

Now you know where she gets her poses from huh. 

We arrived on a Sunday so that means most of their guests have left for home from their weekend holiday, we had the entire beach to ourselves. 

We left to wash up and Papa J went for his complimentary massage first (we took turns, mine was scheduled for the next day).  He claimed that it was the best massage he has ever had. He came back and we ordered room service.  

Had our dinner (in peace) outdoors while Avril slept, just like our every holiday. Benefits of having a baby who sleeps early! Treasure our alone time (especially those where you have no internet connection haha). 

More on day II on my next post - I promise to get it out before I pop! That's five days from now.  It's getting real.. Well, good news is, I finally have my hospital bag packed.  I keep getting asked if I'm ready! No!!! I'm not! 

Mothers of two, or three, or four (knowingly) would mutter "Oh, you can never be prepared" under their breath and that amuses me to hell but they are often the ones who throws me questions like the above.  

Alrighty, great weekend ahead! 


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