To do list

Here is my top ten things to do after my confinement period (which really isn't truly a confinement since I have Avril's school performance to attend to tomorrow for 10 mins and doctor's visit). I even had a good mind to go out for a stroll this afternoon but I didn't because it was scorching hot!

1. Eat a McSpicy Chicken Meal UPSIZE. Coke please. Confinement food is great but two weeks into it.. I'm craving for sweet, cold and anything unhealthy. 

2. Go on a ice cream feast. Damn I miss you ice cream. Papa J has been taking Avril out on McDonald ice cream sprees whenever he can, taunting me... Ass. 

3. Watch Hunger Games!!! Can't believe I'm confined during this period and have to wait two more weeks!

4. Bring Avril to school, have a nice long hair wash at the nearby salon. This seem a bit unrealistic now that my boobs are permanently attached to Jonah. 

5. Sweat it out outdoors. I am desperate for the sun and fresh air and a change of scenery. I used to take Avril for morning walks when she was younger then we changed it to evening walks because it was cooler and we had more time to kill. Can't wait for Jonah to be old enough so I can strap him in my baby carrier! Walk walk walk! 

6. Drink a big big big big bottle of mineral water. I miss water. 

7. Go to the beach, the zoo, the malls. Hit the parks, have brunch. Splash park!!!! It's pretty simple - GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! 

8. Christmas shopping! Always fun! This year's resolution: take a family photo with the shopping mall's crazy sized Christmas tree! 

9. Visit my aunt's house (newly done renovation!), and spend time with my aunt of course haha! I miss her so much and my sisters, and I just want to use her new air con and feel cool in her house for once. 

10. Drink beer. Oh yeah. Not asking for much but a night out with my Papa J with a nice cold beer in my hand would be a perfect end to my list. 

Two more weeks........ 

Jonah with his 1001 expressions from grunting yawning and being grumpy. I fell asleep with him on my chest today. He is still sleeping on my chest now. These baby days will pass very quickly. Sniffing my fill of his baby smell and milk breath! 

Avril with her mouth full of biscuit, she couldn't smile she couldn't say a word, this was all she could manage while globbling down her biscuit. Nice. 

The kids and I. I really wish I had some time to sort out my hair and put some make up on but seriously, during a confinement, I think that's the last thing on any mother's mind. 

Losing weight slower then my last pregnancy. I'm not too bothered this time round though. Just hope my hips shrink and go back to normal (which it will in time to come - I think), so I can wear all my decent looking clothes again. Patience...... 


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