Happy Mother's Day

They are more then mothers.

I only realised it after I became a Mother.

They are worriers.
They worry about their children's safety, they worry about their health, they worry about their school grades and they even worry if you're happy.
Oh Mothers, they worry about everything.

They are teachers.
They teach their children how to talk, crawl and walk. They teach them the ways of life and how (not) to colour all over the floor.
Oh Mothers, they teach them everything they can.

They are chefs.
They cook their children meals and hopefully get two thumbs up. They think about nutritions and how to make them cute.
Oh Mothers, how much love they put in food.

They are private nurses.
They care for their children all day round and cry when they feel unwell. They dispense medicine and dance to make little children eat. They sing and sway at 4am, only to have their backs complain.
Oh Mothers, how much they care.

They are like cheerleaders.
They cheer and praise, encourage and embrace. Always proud and enthusiastic in events small or big.
Oh Mothers, how happy they are.

They are friends.
They are the voices behind Mickey and friends, book readers and a friend who protects and chase. They are always there.
Oh Mothers, how much fun they have.

They are like walls. They shield their little ones from harm and danger, provide open arms of comfort in times of hurt and sorrow.
Oh Mothers, how loving you are.

Share your love with your Mothers today.

Happy Mother's Day!


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