My heart in your hands

Love, comes in many different form. 
My love for you, is as your Papa often has at the tip of his tongue.
"If my love for you is measured with a glass of water, that glass would be overflowing with water."
When I ask him, just how much he loves me.

Life is like a sprinkled rainbow donut with you around, colourful, happy looking and yummy to the tummy.

14 months old ago, I held you in my arms, heard you cry and told myself, our lives will change.

It did.
You taught me to look at the world differently, that every cat, or dog on the street is special.  That every brick and wall had it's magic and that toys were meant to be smashed on the floor.
I am so proud of you because you fell on the road grounds twice today and you picked yourself up without a fuss. These little things can't escape mama's eyes, like how you noticed that it's unusual for me to wear a pants on my head, just to make you laugh.
The wonder in your eyes, the smile on your face, the sound of your voice.. I know they will change one day but for now, we live in the present and enjoy what we have.

It has been a long journey. 
You figuring me.
Me figuring you.
Seems like we've sorted that out just fine.

Your frowns are cute.
& your pouts are endearing.
Please don't for a second think that those can buy you just what you want.
PS: That would probably work better on Grandma and Grandpa.
Pictures Credits: Firefly Photography


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