Sunny Gold Coast

As you would all know from the Facebook account (or Instagram), Papa J, Avril and I went on a holiday in Gold Coast, Australia, for a week.  Truth to be told, I wasn't too excited about this trip because I was busy fighting fatigue from the last run of my first trimester and I literally left packing until the 11th hour - which was very unlike me. I usually pack a week ahead - I am always very excited about going on holidays.

Our flight was an overnight flight and as fellow parents would understand my plight, we arrived at the airport with 2 overweight luggage, we flew Scoot as it was fairly reasonable priced for the 3 and the best part was, we arrive direct at the Gold Coast, Coolangatta Airport. If I'm not wrong, the other airlines drop you off at Brisbane and you've got to take an hour's drive up to the Gold Coast normally.

The In-law(s) dropped us off at the airport and unfortunately for us, Avril started to run a temperature at the departure gates so we had to buy some Panadol (it was a good thing, trust me - she slept through the entire flight even though it was so uncomfortable squeezing up with us. We tried requesting for an empty seat beside us but it was a full flight).  We were thinking "Oh Shit, sick NOW?! NOW??!!!" Turns out, she was cutting a tooth, she was perfectly fine the next morning.  In fact, she is now sprouting another.  Which means 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.  Ouch - another sign that she's growing up too fast!

Papa J managed to catch some sleep but poor me, I couldn't drift off into deep sleep the entire night.  We bought some meals online prior to our flight and that was the worst decision ever. Sorry, but Scoot, your airplane food sucks. I've always loved airplane food but yucks! It was disgusting this time round!

Anyway, back to our trip.  We booked our vehicle from Apex Car Rental, Australia.  We hired a Hyundai Elantra for 6 Days, insurance that covered us with "No Excess" - which means we didn't have to worry about damaging the car (not that we would do it on purpose), a GPS and a Baby Seat.  I was quite pissed off with their slow service because after what seemed like a decade of not sleeping, an hour of hide and seek (they are not located directly outside of the airport like the other big car rental shops) was not appealing at all.  They provide a free shuttle bus from the airport to their shop space just 2 minutes drive away but they gave such vague instructions about where to wait for them, we ended up waiting at the wrong places for close to an hour.  Their prices are by far the cheapest we've found online though.  We paid 295 Aussie Dollars.

This is our car.

Car was in almost brand new condition, no smelly odour, in our whole trip we only paid 40AUD for our petrol used, spacious boot - could fit 2 luggage and a stroller. Extremely large leg room at the back. Great car! This picture was taken in our apartment's garage by the way. Security is really strict over in our apartment, you've got to tap in and out everywhere you go, brilliant.
We booked us up in the Silverton Apartment, right smack in the middle of Surfer's Paradise. The longest car ride we took was 30 minutes away.  For S$88 a night (excluding taxes), I am not going to complain. Besides, living in this apartment for 5 nights, Avril sure learnt hell a lot of new tricks.
Our apartment before it got messed up by little miss terror.  Love that it was carpeted because Avril wouldn't stop attempting to climb up the sofa and I could leave her running around in the living room whilst we cleaned up without worrying about her falling and hitting her head.  The coffee table was quite worrying but ah, if she hits her head, she cries and our day goes on.

Our kitchen. I would do up a high table top like this for my new place because it was so satisfying being able to leave our wallets and coins somewhere where little miss terror couldn't reach and ransack. That was the only safe place. Haha!

We had a little balcony overseeing THIS. OMG. HOW BLOODY WONDERFUL IS THIS? To wake up in the morning and see this! I didn't even mind freezing my ass off just to stand outside and admire this gorgeous view. While Avril was sleeping, this was a nice place for Papa J and I to just talk and watch the sea go by.  It was his favourite place to lounge with his beer.

Chairs and safe railings.  We took Avril out a couple of times and she was always wailing when we had to pull her back in to the apartment because it was getting too cold.  There were colourful parrots just sitting and chilling on the railings. Absolutely delightful.
Our kitchen was fully equipped with everything we needed for the next few days. Pots and pans, utensils.  Most importantly, they were acceptably clean.  I love this apartment because the washing machine and dryer were in a small compact room (so I close the door and didn't have to worry about Avril meddling with stuff).  The only two non child friendly thing about this place is the kitchen and the shower head (make it 3,the bathtub).  Well, if it was my own house I'd probably fix up a baby gate at the kitchen area and not have a bathtub. Avril tried to climb into it a few times and it was quite scary.  Also, they didn't have a removable shower head, it was almost impossible to shower her (especially when she has shit all over on her ass - quite damn gross).  I had to carry her to shower all the time.  Thank God it was cold, I managed to skip some shower session.

Who taught you how to pout and pose for pictures?
Our first meal in Gold Coast - why am I not surprised? We were starving.  
Playing with her spoons as usual.

She's so carefree in Australia.  There are not much people on the streets and their land area is huge. I usually let her run around on her own unless we're near roads or she's straying too far.  I really regret not buying the baby leash because I am positive it would have saved us hell a lot of chasing.  We saw so many parents in Australia using it, I was half tempted to just buy one there but I am also pretty sure it would be more expensive so I decided to wait up and get it in Singapore.

Took a short stroll along the beach after lunch. It was freezing! When we arrived, it was really cold for the first two days and after that it got warmer and warmer. I'm not sure if it was just good weather or we got used to their climate. Haha!

That's all the pictures I got from our Day 1, shocking I know. The reason could be largely due to Harbour Town. We went crazy shopping, it was mad. I love visiting countries who are just entering their winter state! SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE!!!! The last time I visited Hong Kong, we got lucky too. Shopping was so cheap you won't believe it .. AND JAYJAYS!!!!!!!!!! Argh. We went berserk really.

Ok - gonna catch a catnap (I actually resolute to not nap anymore but you know what, screw it.)


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