Sophie's First Birthday!

I've been so outdated in putting up the events in my daily life, even though I'm exhausted (Avril is down with a bug, again!!!, she has been waking at 4am and refusing to go back to bed) I thought I'd get it done since I'll be letting her sleep in longer this afternoon.

Sophie's birthday celebration was on Labour day (can't believe she has only just turned one and we're already attending birthday parties), we were invited to Serangoon Country Club for a swim before the buffet lunch. It was a lucky day! The sun was bright and happy, we took a brisk walk there and managed to swim for about an hour. Just as we were walking to the changing room, it started pouring! What lovely timing.

The pool over at the Serangoon Country Club is great! For the adults, they have a pool up to 2m high, Olympic sized and they have a kiddy pool with all the splashes and a playground with slide - the slide is a little too quick when it's wet so it might be dangerous for younger children on their own.

We bathed and got her dressed and walked over the one of the function rooms for lunch. Served by The Serangoon Country Club, the food's really good! A little pricey for me at 20 bucks per pax for the buffet but I guess in exchange for utilising the pool and their other facilities, it is pretty worth it.

It was Mickey-themed but of course we wouldn't have any sort if Mickey clothing so I decided to make the best of what we have. Avril is dressed in a lovely pink and white dress (a gift but I really don't know from who, she has this mountain of clothes I packed up from before / ALL gifts, it's tough remembering where they came from) We hardly shop for clothes for her. Her heart shaped sweater is from H&M. I love this sweater.

Sophie's cake was lovely! She acted the exact same way as Avril did on her birthday and I was telling Leng, yeah, it's normal. Haha! It is indeed too stressful and tiring for them but I'm sure they enjoy their presents after that. :)



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